The start of something new

I just got word that I start my new job on Thursday May 26 for orientation and to renew my CPR certification on Friday; paid training will be nice. I am not sure, but I think I will be taking care of developmentally disabled adults rather than elderly, dementia patients which I am excited about. This job is really up my alley. My dad wasn’t too thrilled that I left an okay paying job for a new one that he thought would be much harder. He thinks I need to just pick something and stick with it no matter how bad my mental health gets. I simply don’t live and believe in being unhappy at a job because granted, no one really wants to work. But no one deserves to be miserable either.

This job should give me lots of overtime opportunities as it is encouraged rather than detested like at my last job. So I’ll be able to pay back my parents and not have to worry about bills as much. Now that today is officially my Saturday, I am going to deep clean my bathroom and go through my belongings to see what can go to the dump.

Tomorrow I have to help Diego load his couch that is just destroyed by Poncho into his parents’ truck and take it to the dump. So I figured I would go through my own belongings and fill up my SUV with dump stuff and take some of the trash and junk that my parents have laying around the house. It’s hard because I have maybe a 400 square foot bedroom and I have an apartment’s worth of belongings so my belongings are scattered around the house in various boxes. It’s stuff I would mostly like to keep but I need to really go through what I have and haven’t used in over a year.

After we go to the dump tomorrow, we got to pick up his little brother named Pablo from his ABA therapies and then take him to their dad’s farm for the rest of the day. Once Pablo is dropped off, Diego and I are going to Costco so he can get two leather, reclining chairs for his living room. He has one couch in the living room already so there is some seating but he was only going to get one chair and I said I wanted a chair so now he is getting two chairs lol. So we will load that up in the truck and take it back to Diego’s house and pray to God that Poncho doesn’t destroy these chairs like he did the couch.

I have a fairly busy next couple of days so I should probably get on the cleaning my bathroom and downsizing as soon as possible so I can be done. I am excited I feel like I have a purpose again and my bipolar is doing good today; minimal intrusive thoughts.

Much love,


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