Another day of firsts…

Today was my millionth first day of work at a new job. For those of you not reading my blog and/or living under a rock, I got yet another new job but this time, it is as a caregiver/caretaker of developmentally disabled adults. I had orientation and safety today and to summarize a dull four and a half hours, I learned the MRSA is contagious and that the HR lady’s boss thinks I am a “rockstar” for offering to work overtime every week and then kinda getting volun-told to work this weekend.

Let me back track. I was the only one in my class to fill out my new hire paperwork without a hiccup so that warranted a good job by the trainer. After class I was told to stay back for a second and I really thought I was getting in trouble for something big or something really minor like not wearing my face mask above my nose. Instead, I was asked if I wanted to work this weekend. I said yes very eagerly because if I had said no, I know they would have thought less of me because I was the only one chosen to work this weekend.

After I agreed, I talked to the program coordinator and she said that the group home I was going to was arguably the most difficult house with three women. But I wouldn’t be by myself on that first couple of days and I said I could do 7a-7p Saturday and Sunday. If all goes well, she wants me working 2 12’s and 2 8’s over four days to equate to forty hours with Friday being an optional day to work with Wednesday and Thursday off for sure. The two 8’s would be 3p-11p. Which I like because swings are the best and I think this is doable in case I have a doctors appointment in the morning on Monday or Tuesday.

I was given the address and a run down on each client and it didn’t sound very hard but maybe I should bite my tongue before I say it seemed almost easy work.

When I walked out of the coordinator’s office to grab my stuff to leave with my binder of paperwork, the HR lady said her boss thought I was a rockstar just going for hours and ready to work. We only get paid once a month and there are only a couple of days left of May to be paid on the 10th of the following month. So in reality if I don’t work these four days of May, I wouldn’t be getting paid until July 10th which is WAY too long to get without a paycheck.

This is my primetime. I am in my prime career and I got a chance of getting head of household which is working 5 – 10’s Monday through Friday and taking care of administrative tasks of the group home. HOH gets a $2/hour raise. So we shall see what happens but if I kick ass and take some names then maybe that can be me. Who knows, it’s day one after all.

I have CPR tomorrow and I remember most of it so it should be an easy paycheck tomorrow.

I kind of wish I had the weekend off so I could get some things done around the house. I cleaned my bathroom, the deep cleaning and organizing kind of clean and I want to do the same with my bedroom. Wipe everything down, rearrange a little bit. I still have my cricut machine in the box never opened or turned on or nothing. After seeing the potential of what my bathroom is after cleaning it, I am finally motivated to do my room and vacuum and do the sheets and all of that. But money is better than cleaning because money makes it so they don’t take my car away from me for not making payments. (I have made all my payments but I always fear my car getting repoed.)

After class, I went over to Diego’s house we smoked a bit and watched the new Jackass movie on Netflix and I made quesadillas for us. Once I was sober to drive home, I left and got home around 7pm. My dad picked up a free pizza I had from Dominos so I had a bit of that. And now I am in the lair thinking of what I should do. I hate working during the day for the fact that I can’t get things done like banking and bills because I get off work after normal 9-5 business hours. So I have a lot of shit that needs to get done but I can’t because it’s 10:23pm and no one else is awake lol.

I think that’s it for me for tonight. I might just go to bed because there is nothing else to do.

Mental health check: today was petty good.

much love,


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