Precarious Aquarius

Woe is me: is mindset truly everything?

I was watching a budgeting video and it was talking about saving $5k cash in one whole year. The budgeter has been doing this challenge for years and stuffs envelopes labeled 1 through 100 and stuffing the labeled amounts in said envelopes. For example, $1 goes into the $1 envelope, $23 goes in the $23…

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Coping (or lack thereof)

I think I have been emotionally unavailable and low key an asshole since I had a death in the family about a month ago as of the 21st. Obviously it is not intentional but when having dinner with Steven after he got off of work and I was about to start my shift, he mentioned…

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I got back from Portland, Oregon yesterday evening. I went to Portland with Steven and met up with the rest of my family for my grandmother’s funeral. The funeral was on March 10th, just two and a half weeks after she passed. Steven and I didn’t stay long at the funeral because I personally wasn’t…

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Too Hard on Myself

I think I experience this more than most normal people due to my bipolar disorder. Or I guess most people with any type of mental health issue can face being too hard on ones self. I still talk to Diego, my ex because we are friends and we keep each other updated with life’s happenings…

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What doesn’t kill ya…

With my most recent med adjustment, I’ve been feeling pretty optimistic and go getter-ish. Now at 9:07pm at work, my depression has hit me like a ton of bricks. Like what the hell am I doing working all these hours, you piece of shit person. Why don’t you just off yourself; you’re worth more dead…

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Up, down, all around.

I feel like lots have happened since I blogged last. I believe I wrote on Tuesday night, right before I left work. If I am correct, right after I posted my blog, my dad texted me to call him when I am off work and to come home immediately. This was unusual for my dad…

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Stressed, Capital “S”

I am on day 10 of not vaping so hats off to me! But I am thinking my desire to smoke is greater now than it ever has been, but with my super severe heart and lung inflammation, I must remain done with smoking. I haven’t written in awhile because I have been working 57…

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  1. Doesn't matter says:

    Happy bday this might be a bit late you might not see it or care but congratulations also for getting back into school

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you so much. I do care and I did see it. Thanks for commenting, hope you’re hanging in there 🙂


    2. Unknown says:

      Interesting glad to see your moving on in your life doing better glad to see things are clicking together for you hopefully they keep going that way for you me though I’m always hanging in ha in my own ways

      Liked by 1 person

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