Precarious Aquarius

Day One Complete

I had my “first” day of work which was really more like an hour long so if you count it as real work, that’s your call. I got to wear my scrubs, get a TB test, get my photo taken for my badge and discuss my work schedule and sign some documents. I am working…

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Habit Tracking 31 Days of May

So some of you know who read my blog often enough that I was tracking certain daily habits in the month of May and this is a post to say how that went! I used this form I found on Amazon that came in a pack of 20, is also double sided and can fit…

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Afflictions and Sparks

we’re all broken people trying to fit our puzzle pieces together to fill some type of void not even God knows of To say I felt something with you would mean that you’re special and nobody is special and if I doubt me, no one else will trust my words either so I am convinced…

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The thrill of the pill

You give me the pills I take and don’t ask why Maybe they’ll make me feel like I don’t wanna die Don’t need the thrills that I used to crave I just want to lay down and gaze at the sky Maybe they’ll make me feel like I can fly. At best, I hope I…

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From the attic

When the chalk leaves the sidewalk when the dolls are donated to a younger gal when the trucks are abandoned in the garden we didn’t know our last time was going to be *the* last time growing old comes at a price of innocence and naivety lost we hopefully grow wiser as years go on…

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Do I need medication for my bipolar disorder?

This is different for every person and lots of people can cope with bipolar and other mental health issues without prescription meds… I am not one of those people. My brain chemistry is wired a certain way that some people can or cannot relate to this and without giving my body the supplement or the…

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  1. Doesn't matter says:

    Happy bday this might be a bit late you might not see it or care but congratulations also for getting back into school

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you so much. I do care and I did see it. Thanks for commenting, hope you’re hanging in there 🙂


    2. Unknown says:

      Interesting glad to see your moving on in your life doing better glad to see things are clicking together for you hopefully they keep going that way for you me though I’m always hanging in ha in my own ways

      Liked by 1 person

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