Good news

I had my interview with the pharmacy today which ended with I may not be getting a job with that particular store but I will be placed in management with in the company so that’s good news. The store manager said she would keep in touch with me on next steps and honestly I’m thrilled. She asked me if I wanted to be the pharmacy manager or a front end manager and I said front end since I have experience throwing freight with general merchandise and auditing the vault and cash tills from my experiences in grocery and at the bank.

I will most likely be placed closer to home than where I interviewed at, but I said I would work anywhere in the county. It could take longer if other stores want to interview me but I think I’m kind of a guaranteed hire as long as I work the steps and stay substance free.

I did physical therapy today for my ankle and went over to Diego’s house. I had some of his collection of bottle openers and he wanted me to try some tequila his sister got while she was in Mexico. So I came over. I bought dinner nothing fancy but a couple of burgers sufficed and I drank his fancy tequila and we took Poncho our dog to the local dog park and played fetch with him. He smoked some weed and we played jeopardy for a while until he fell asleep.

I decided to crash here tonight so I wouldn’t drink and drive because I had enough drinks to get a good buzz going. Diego and I talked about me being addicted to the buzz or high rather than the substance itself. It’s why I liked weed so much; little effort for a high yield reward. Mostly I smoked if I was in pain which is fairly often at least twice a week. I don’t like to drink really it takes so much for me to get a buzz that it’s not worth it.

I’m now laying in the guest bed while diego and poncho sleep in the master. I wanted to write before going to bed so I came in here. I’m not getting back with Diego for those wondering. I literally had one errand to do, he offered me a drink and since I wanted authentic tequila I said yes. But I drank maybe six shots in seven hours so I didn’t want to risk driving even though I feel okay now.

My friend is in the hospital for sepsis and is doing a tiny bit better thank the Lord. He’s got a long journey ahead but I spoke with him briefly tonight and he should be fine. I want to talk to him more but I know I need to sleep. Last night I got maybe three hours of sleep due to me being on my phone, writing, and talking to my BFF in the hospital at 3am. My Apple Watch woke me up to his text so I answered for an hour or so. Now I’m exhausted but I want to be awake if he needs me because being in the hospital sucks… obviously.

I’m not supposed to write about this but my mom is cancer free thank the Lord. I’m not sure what illness is bothering her but at least it is not the worst of the worst.

Today has been pretty good thank the Lord for all the blessings I have in my life.

Much love,


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