Keep your friends closer.

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This is not something I would normally write about…. I mean I am not very good at friendships and relationships in general but what I do know is thatI have some really solid close knit group of friends, the ones that I do have.

My best friend who I write about here on occasion is currently admitted in the hospital. I am sure he wouldn’t mind me writing about him because I have written about him many times before. He had been sick with congestion and a sore throat. Today he said he might go to urgent care. Like the nice friend I am, I basically told him to get off his ass and go in because he sent me a voice snippet of himself and he could hardly swallow or talk.

Urgent care sent him to the ED for a super high white blood cell count which indicates infection and they were worried about sepsis. I don’t know how relevant his spider bite on his hand was in all of that but that looked bad too. I think I was more worried about the infection on his hand than in his throat so when he texted me he wouldn’t do a CT scan because he wanted to go home made me MAD. I told him if the situation were reversed and he usually coached me through the ER process to take the time now to take care of yourself rather than go home a tiny bit sooner.

Anyways they found fluid in his neck and that’s the last text I got from him. I told him I wanted to see him in the hospital if they were allowing visitors and after his wife got to see him and all that. He said if he hadn’t listened to me he could have died. Wow what a statement.

I said God is looking out for you. I prayed the whole time he was texting me updates. I don’t own that I saved his life. Maybe my Godly intuition did for being a jackass to him in order to get him to see a doctor. But I don’t take sole credit. But if you are a praying / good vibes type of person, please pray for my friend tonight and over the next few days. I am not sure what is in store for him but he is now in good hands. Hopefully he can get some answers about his diagnosis and what next steps are.

And Brent, if you’re reading this I love you ride or die. We ain’t dying yet so we gotta ride lol.

So keep your friends closer tonight because tomorrow is never promised.

much love,


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