Day of Rest

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I woke up at 5:30am after getting about six hours of sleep and went downstairs and saw my parents conversing. I talked to my mom for a while and she had her doctor’s appointment today to decide if she will need a biopsy of her thyroid because she has nodules on her thyroid. I said I would go with her but once 7:30am rolled around, I became very sleepy. She told me to go back to bed and she would tell me the results when she got back.

She called around 11am saying she went to the store to buy things to make homemade chicken noodle soup and she indeed has to have a biopsy of her thyroid to check for cancer. So that is scheduled in a week from now. I had physical therapy at noon for my ankle that had been bothering me. I did all my paperwork and still managed to show up late somehow even though the building is a block away from where I live.

The therapist said I walk on the outside edges of my feet with my feet outwards which causes stress on the plantar fascia and on the post tibuler tendon. He massaged the tendon, taped up my foot, and told me to do 300 calf raises (stand on my toes) throughout the day the strengthen the tendon.

Diego needed to borrow my computer for his new job so he was already at my house trying to log in and not succeeding. I texted him my password and he still fucked it up. So I logged in for him and said he used an exclamation mark instead of the number 1. He felt real silly after that. He kept asking me dumb questions about how to work my computer and how to do the paperwork for the job. I mean, I did work there but it was common sense the questions they were asking.

By 1:30, I helped him finish his new hire paperwork and then he had thirty minutes to kill before he had to go to his doctor’s appointment… so we do the inevitable and it was great. I asked him afterwards why we get along great when we are friends and why we are so miserable when we are together. He shrugged his shoulders and I walked him to the front door.

After that I took nap number two for the day until about 5:45pm. My mom finished her soup and she said it was terrible. I tried it and I actually really liked it. She said the noodles were too soft and I don’t disagree with that but homemade soup is the besttttt.

We watched a show for a while and my mom asked if Diego and I were getting back together and I said oh God no. She asked if I wanted to or if he did so I said no and probably not to the latter. It’s true we are better friends or in this case friends with benefits than anything else. He’s a good person but we are toxic to each other so it would never work out.

I have gotten a jabillion (yes I know that isn’t a real number) emails from school with grades on the few assignments I submitted and I am too scared to look. Today is my one day a week where I get to relax and not think about school so I am not going to read those emails. It can wait but my mental health cannot. If I had to read anymore about the mitochondria of a cell or that bipolar folks need to receive therapy to convince the patient to not go off their meds one more time, I’ll explode.

So instead I am chilling out, doing next to nothing. It’s been a mainly anxiety free day because I’m trying to avoid my stressors but as the day comes to a close, my anxiety increases. The plan is to clean my room and to take some hydroxyzine to help calm me down and then I should be good.

I hope you all had a good Monday!

much love,


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