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I’ve been getting back into school, which having a week off of school, has been rough to get back into my routine to say the least. Last night I did a chapter of my communications reading and homework. I have four sections left in homework for that class and then I will have a couple more loose ends and then I will be D-O-N-E.

Today at Diego’s house, I slept in until noon. My sleep has been erratic and not restful in the slightest. Diego asked me why I don’t wear my cpap machine intermittently, as in using it every other night. I hadn’t really considered doing that because when I do wear the cpap mask, it leaves these giant and painful pustules on my nose and face, but I might as well use it some of the time because my days off haven’t been very productive since I am too tired to function. Stupid, sleep apnea :/

I cooked fried chicken in the oven with some au gratin potatoes and made a salad last night. It was very good. Before that, I had made beef and broccoli over rice. So tonight, Diego brought home two frozen pizzas, one for me and one for him. We ate that and I was low key grateful for only having to throw something in the oven rather than cook a full on meal.

The Seattle Seahawk’s game is on tv so Diego is watching that while I watch YouTube videos on my iPad and write this. I am taking a break from my school work. This week, I have my psych discussion board Q + A, a drawing sketchbook assignment, my four sections of communication homework, a discussion board Q + A for anthropology and a paper for that class as well.

Depending on your views, that can sound like a lot, or maybe not much at all if you are in school. It’s the last week before finals and ending projects so we are all gearing up for finals week. This is the easy part.

I completed all my psych for this week which only took 30 minutes. I did part of my communications yesterday. I think for today I am going to get my anthropology discussion board and then the rest of my communications homework. That leaves me a few days to complete my sketchbook project for art class and my anthropology paper.

I am kind of thankful in a weird way that I am not working so I can complete all of these assignments without distractions. I am supposed to hear back about my job interview this week and I hope I can start asap so that means I need to double up on homework this week in case I start next Monday or even later on this week. But I am trying not to hold my breath. Still gotta borrow money from my family to make ends meet which is really disappointing. I am only borrowing $500 and hoping for the best but I would be lying if I wasn’t scared about more debt and struggling to make ends meet.

I know that God will provide and I more than certainly won’t go hungry, I just don’t want to delay my payments if I don’t have to, but it is what it is.

Anyways, back to the books.

Much love,


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