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I am sitting here writing around 4:15pm on Sunday, November 21st with a cup of peppermint herbal tea in tow with my peppermint candies next to me as well. It’s basically Christmas time, ya’ll and I am excited this year. Last year, I attempted Blogmas (blogging everyday leading up to Christmas Day) but I failed miserably. I tried playing catch up, but it was no bueno. I am not sure if there are prompts for Blogmas this year, if there’s not I got some creative ideas to share with ya’ll and do some big things.

But before Christmas, it is now officially the week of Thanksgiving! I know everyone says this, but this year has flown by. I think last year when COVID-19 began, everything felt dragged out because we were all at home and anxious to start going out in the world. It feels like things are returning to normal, or at least a new normal (whatever that may be). With that being said, we are adjusting and maybe a little lost, but we’re picking ourselves back up, dusting the dirt off, and zooming into 2022!

I am at Diego’s until Tuesday. I try to spend half of my time with my family and half the time here, but my dad is home on vacation so he can be with my mom who isn’t doing great right now. Well, she hasn’t been doing good for a while, but it’s progressing. Today I woke up with Poncho, Diego and I’s dog bouncing on my chest, trying to wake me up. I let him out at the butt crack of dawn to potty, but it was time for me to get up since it was 8am and he was bored and hungry.

I fed him and let him out again. I got my computer set up at the kitchen table and I fell asleep sitting up in front of my computer, so my neck got all crooked and weird. I woke up about a hour later and decided to go to the store because I forgot to grab a few things. I did a bigger grocery shopping yesterday for Diego’s household. We didn’t get turkey for thanksgiving or anything like that since we are going to our respective parents’ homes for the Thanksgiving meal.

I went to the store and shopped and got to the register and I look in my wallet aaaaannnnd there is no debit card. I forgot my debit card in my jeans back home and I am about 10 minutes away from home. So I had to kindly ask the cashier if she could hold my stuff and I would be back. So I ran home and ran back and then of course after grocery shopping, I treated myself to Dutch Bros afterwards. I got back home and let the dog out and put away groceries.

I noticed my pantry was a disorganized mess and so I cleaned out the pantry of all opened and expired food and I organized the dry food and what not. Then I went into the fridge and got rid of expired milk and other trash. Then I did dishes and put away clean dishes.

Diego called me and he said he wanted to talk to me when he got home. I asked why that was and he laughed and said it was nothing bad.

So when he got off work, I was in the shower when he called so I quickly got out and called him back and asked what he wanted to talk about. Basically he said he that he appreciated everything I was doing for my family, his family, him, and Poncho. Although I do things differently than he does, he appreciates all my hard work for school and for the house and everything. I thanked him and I told him all the things I did and he asked if I did that because I knew he was going to talk to me. I said no I was in the mood to clean and it bothered me.

He eventually got home and I fed him leftover spaghetti as a afternoon snack and showed him the progress I made. I started some laundry since he has tomorrow off of work. I am just happy to have him home even though we aren’t talking and not even in the same room. Does any other couple do that? I know my parents do. Let me know in the comments.

We are gonna have breakfast for dinner so I’m excited about that. I am not sure of our plans for tomorrow since he is home; probably chill out because he’s sore and tired form working in a grocery store during the holidays. He is the Drive Up and Go manager so he works 6am-2:30pm everyday. He has one day off this week which is tomorrow and then he works on Thanksgiving and Black Friday. Luckily he only works til noon both days, but it will still be a long week for him.

I just made brinner and it was excellent. Bacon and French toast. Now I am exceptionally sleepy and grateful for my full tummy and the blessings that I do have.

Much love,


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  1. socialworkerangela says:

    Yay for good days. I think there is loving peace in just knowing even when not by side whether away or in same house that there is trust and love. If that makes sense.

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