Midnight musings

Photo by Alex Fu on Pexels.com

I went to bed around 9pm and woke up just about midnight and decided I was too warm to sleep. I got out of bed and turned down the heater which I accidentally left on. Diego is kind of weird about having the heater on, but living in a mobile home, the insulation is terrible and the windows aren’t sealed correctly so the house gets cold really fast. I am talking from 9pm to 5am, the house can go from 68 degrees F to 55 overnight. Then it is wayyyyy too cold. I know he hates paying the heater bill, so I gotta turn the thermostat on and off throughout the day once it hits 59, gotta crank the heat up to 70.

Love is a peculiar thing. Love is turning on the heat and then turning off the heat for your loved one. Love is making 11 pieces of French toast for you and your partner because he’s high on marijuana and can’t do it himself. (I was sober because I don’t know if my new potential job will drug test me). Love is listening to all the ways you positively impact your partner’s life. Love is rubbing your partner’s back even though your own back hurts and then cuddling in bed and having the dog try to jump on both of us. We laughed so hard we cried as Poncho laid on top of Diego and licked the back of his neck.

That was just a few hours ago. Now my lovey and little lovey are laying in bed, asleep as I write this. But loving someone through the good times is easy. It’s when someone experiences a loss, has depression or bipolar disorder, that a family member is ill with a tumor, that you really learn about someone. I mean, these aren’t profound and new thoughts, but they are my thoughts, Love is moving bedrooms to let your partner sleep because you snore too loud. Love is shutting the door so the lights in the kitchen wouldn’t bother them. The list is infinite.

I do love Diego and Poncho dearly. It’s hard to love them through the adversity, but that’s what makes living life worthwhile.

Much love,


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