Resolution: Resolved

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Like I mentioned in my last post, Christmas is basically here ya’ll just over one month away along with the new year of 2022. Wow. Diego told me that I should blog about my new year’s resolutions and focus on an agenda for the new upcoming year. To be honest, as organized and self aware as I may seem, I haven’t really identified what I want to focus on in the new year. But now seems like a better time than ever to focus on my priorities.

I am not sure I am a big believer in new years resolutions, but I am all about breaking bad habits and starting new ones. Supposedly it takes 21 days, 3 weeks to either break or start a habit. So I figure I better get on some of these habits now so that when the new year comes, I will already be consistent with these resolutions.

Resolution #1 Read for fun

I used to love to read as a kid and as a teenager. Once I hit college, I always focused on my textbook reading and stopped reading books for fun. My goal is to read for at least twenty minutes everyday and it has to be something I enjoy reading. Whether it be a book, a play, a nonfiction, a workbook, a news article, blog posts, I don’t care. Just something I enjoy reading.

Resolution #2 Work out for 60 minutes, two days a week

This seems fairly easy, but recovering from a foot and leg surgery back in May means that even walking on uneven ground difficult and exhausting, I got my gym membership not too long ago and now I need to utilize it at least 2 days a week for me to consider keeping it. I think I have used it once in the three weeks that I have had it. In my defense, my time has been spent at Diego’s and my gym is up North where I live. With that being said, I have not made working out a priority.

So the goal starting this week is attend the gym for a hour each time twice a week. If I don’t do this during the month of December, I am gonna cancel my membership.

Resolution #3 Make 2022 the Year of Savings

There are so many savings challenges floating out there on the internet that it’s hard to determine what looks fun and challenging. Ya’ll know I am on a budgeting journey to become debt free (eventually), but I definitely need to work on an emergency fund to begin with and whatever else I can save along the way.

I was told today by my employer that I am not cleared to come back to work until my doctor clears me. Which at this point won’t be until April 2022 and the HR lady was going to place me on unpaid leave. Which basically means I better get this job that I am interviewing for come Wednesday because ya girl is now broke and needs a job.

I am not sure what savings challenges I will do. I created my own savings variation of the 100 envelope challenge. Instead of saving $5,050.00 over a year which is roughly $420 in a month, I did a one month ahead challenge for $2,500.00 which is obviously much more manageable considering there are several weeks you only save $5 at a time which is just one less Red Bull a week.

I’ll figure something out though. Once I can get back ahead on my bills, then I can truly start saving. I know that being broke has taught me that I truly do need some sort of emergency fund and I can’t be living on a prayer like I have in the past,

But the issue with that is making nearly minimum wage that it’s hard to save any extra money. Hard, but not impossible.

Resolution #4 Get on Honor Roll

I think I accomplished this goal this semester of university. However, I would like to either start the trend or keep it going, My art teacher hasn’t graded any of my completed projects since September so I am not sure where I stand grade-wise in that class. As far as I know, I still have a 90% which is amazing. As far as my other classes go, I think I have an 85% in psych, a 90% in anthropology, and I think a 90% in communications (he grades on a different program so it’s also hard to calculate my grade). If I keep this up for the two and a half weeks left in the semester, we will have a winner winner chicken dinner.

Next semester I am taking biology, two psych classes, and a history class. It will definitely be more difficult than my first semester but I am determined to get at least a 3.5 GPA if I can help it.

I think that’s it for resolution goals that I have. Let’s see what happens

Much love,


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