It’s a Wednesday

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I couldn’t sleep all that well last night. I think my mind was racing too hard when I made my last post. I tried to wind down with some YouTube and TV, but my light sensitivity was too bad and it hurt my eyes to have the TV on without me directly looking at the screen.

I think I am going to the gym this morning. I need to create a work out plan for my beginner self so I don’t hurt myself trying to lift my PR (personal record) on day 1 after not lifting weights for years, basically. I may stick with cardio only but we shall see. I might do a cardio rotation between elliptical, stair master, and treadmill depending on how my knee holds up. I won’t be running today as I just want to get back into the groove of things.

I hope I can escape the demons that possess my mind. The endorphins from exercising should help me. I really need to get in shape. I guess my doctor has been testing me for being diabetic and although now I am good and do not have pre diabetes, it kind of scared me straight that I cannot eat candy all day every day.

I am probably gonna get rid of my candy stash now that I am back to smoking as I do not need a temptation transfer from smoking to sugar just because I am already smoking so I shouldn’t partake in any more excess sugar.

I wanted to make a protein shake this morning but I don’t have any bananas. I have to go to the next town over to go to the gym so I might find a grocery store open before 6am. I just realized I do not have my FitBit to track my steps and my exercise at the gym; it’s at Diego’s.

Oh wait. He works today so he can meet me near the gym on his way to work with it. I gotta wait to call him as I don’t want to wake him up. There is a slim window of time after he wakes up and before he leaves for work.

I think the plan is to do a hour of cardio today.


20 minutes treadmill

20 minutes elliptical

10 minutes stairmaster

10 minutes row machine

Cool down

Now that I have that settled just gotta wait for Diego to wake up so I can call and see If he can bring me my Fitbit.

Wishing all a good and productive day today!

Much love,


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