Fortunes Falling

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Blogtober day 10, ya’ll! Let’s get to it.

I had a client bring out her tarot cards and I asked if she would give me a reading and she was happy to. Now I normally wouldn’t do this considering the fact that I think it is a little sacrilegious because I do believe in God and not in astronomy and Greek mythology or wherever the fuck tarot cards come from. However, I was kind of curious what message I might receive. So for the sake of science and making my client’s day, I let her give me a reading.

There was a green deck and a blue deck to choose from. I chose the blue deck. I guess your fortune is divided by past, present, and future. So for my past and what I was holding onto, I was told I was holding on to many resentments and trauma from the past. But in order to move on into my future, I needed to let go of my past and into the present. As for my present self, I was told that I need to meditate more. My client described the difference between praying and meditating is that with praying, you are talking to your higher power whereas with meditating you are listening to your higher power. Made sense. For present day, it said a lot of big changes were about to happen. As for future, I interpreted it as someone was gonna die, but she said it’s in the eye of the beholder and that there is beauty in disasters too; it just depends on how you look at it.

I guess big things are happening because it is time again to meet with my academic advisor and sign up for Spring 2022 semester. It is crazy considering I am just about halfway through this first semester of university and now it’s time to gear up and get ready for next semester. I can’t believe this is happening it is all so surreal to me that I am back in school and my hard work is and has paid off.

I am off work tomorrow after working over 60 hours the past 6 days in a row. I am exhausted and I am excited to go see Diego after some time apart after he might have been exposed to covid at work. So tomorrow morning I will do school and will go over there in the afternoon and I work a short eight hour shift on Tuesday. It will be easy since it’s just training with fellow co-workers so it will be a breeze compared to being on the unit all day for 12+ hours.

That’s it for me ya’ll time to go to bed. It’s been real. Til tomrrow.

Much love,


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