Sleeping In

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Blogtober day 11.

I finally had a day off today! I spent most of my day sleeping, which may come as no surprise to any one of you considering I have worked almost 60 hours in the past six days consisting of 4 twelve hour shifts and 2 four hour shifts. To be honest, the two four hour shifts felt wayyy longer because there is a certain schedule that the day at work holds and not being there for most of it, I couldn’t get into the groove.

Regardless, 6 days up to 60 hours is outright exhausting. They may have been “easy” days considering we had no real incidents that occurred at my place of work, but being on your feet that long and getting dumped on by clients all day long can be exhausting. So I got up at 9am to a call from my doctor. She said my test looked fine except I have another type of infection so I get two types of antibiotics. So far it has made me sick to my stomach as do most antibiotics, so when I started feeling nauseous after taking them this evening, I went back to bed.

Since I did not get out of bed til about 2pm when I got a text from Diego, I called him at that time. He told me to stay home and get some work done and he wasn’t mad about me sleeping in or not getting all of my work done earlier. He thought it would be best if I spent time with him on a day where I had no homework. But that doesn’t really exist during the next two weeks of midterms. However, I will try to make time with him before we leave on our Portland trip on the 24th of October.

After I got off the phone, I showered and then I asked my mom if she wanted to run to the pharmacy with me and run to Domino’s pizza to buy her some lava cake. She had been dying to try their lava cake because it’s basically like a little cake with chocolate fudge in the middle. We ended up ordering that, cheesy bread, and a pasta dish to split. So I went to the pharmacy to get my antibiotics, but they were free so yay for that. Spent probably too much at Domino’s for those three little things, but it’s all good. We went home and indulged in our food. It hit the spot. I took my meds and then returned to the lair to write in my planner my work schedule for the rest of the month. I also did my school planner for the week and it is indeed the week of midterms; week 8 of a 16 week semester. I don’t have too much stuff to do but I need to be productive with my time off because I need to get ahead before my trip so I have the majority of three days where I don’t have to focus on school. After the productive conversation I had with myself to be productive and utilize this time, I fell asleep around 5 until 8:30pm at night.

My mom called to wake me up because she knew I needed to work in the morning. So I am glad she did so I could at least do a little bit of homework tonight and I can finish the rest tomorrow early evening when I get off of training at work around 4:30pm. Maybe I can go over to Diego’s on Wednesday night and spend all Thursday there with our dog, Poncho. Maybe that’s what I’ll do. That way I can spend all afternoon and evening with Diego. I have not seen him in about a week so I am starting to get overly affectionate and needy when I talk to him on the phone because I miss my lovies. I nicknamed Diego “lovey” pretty early on in our relationship and when we got Poncho, Diego said on the phone “Which lovey are you referring to when I ask where my lovey is?” So Poncho is little lovey and Diego is my big lovey.

I am feeling a bit better since waking up at 8:30pm. It is 10:18pm, PST at the moment and I just got done with my goodnight call with Diego. I don’t feel as sick and nauseous as I did earlier. Oh! I almost forgot! I talked on the phone with my nana’s best friend named Hermine on the phone today. For those of you who don’t know, my nana (grandmother) passed away in 2015, but we have stayed in contact with her best friend named Hermine. Whenever Diego and I go to Oregon together, we make an effort to visit her. I have not seen her since covid-19 began early 2020 so I miss her terribly and I consider her to be my honorary Nana since I was never super close with my own. Hermine is a Holocaust survivor during WW2 and she has a fascinating story. I was told my grandmother heard the story once and was never told it again, so I never first hand heard the story, so I don’t feel it to be my place to ask about it. She is a very emotional woman and I don’t want to upset her.

Hermine was surprised to hear from me. I called with my mom and we caught up a little bit. I said I was doing well with school and would be in town on the 25th of October and she happily invited Diego over for lunch that day and she put it on her calendar that we would be in town that day. Ironically enough, my grandmother’s would be birthday is the 24th so the fact that we are seeing her best friend the day after is awesome. My nana would have been 93 this year if she still were alive. Miss Hermine turned 90 this year, but she is still sharp as a whip and she told me via phone that she was sitting in her chair after working in the garden all day, getting things ready for winter. She was pleased that Diego and I were together at the moment and says we can’t stay away from each other. I mean, she isn’t wrong but she knows it all which makes her happy and almost makes me roll my eyes.

I told her that Diego bought his house last year and she was thrilled at how great his credit score must be if he bought his own house. She was very proud of him and I am happy that Diego and Hermine have their own connection and bond, even without me. Actually we are both like that with each other’s families and I love that. Family is very important to both of us and I want to continue that as we grow and change and evolve in our relationship.

It’s gonna be a busy month with our trip in a couple of weeks, but I am excited to get through my school work and get. shit. DONE. ya’ll.

Alright that’s enough procrastinating from my homework. It is now 10:43pm and I am signing off for now.

Til next time.


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