Good morning, frustration!

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Blogtober day 12! I wish I didn’t need to rant today and could have talked about something fun and exciting, but no.

I woke up early today, about 6:12am and I didn’t have to be at my work training until 8:30am so I had about a hour and a half before I had to leave. I made a protein shake, made a lunch, got my two 8.4 oz sugar free red bulls out of the fridge and got dressed. I was on my MacBook this morning just looking at Amazon. I left the house at 7:45am and get to work ten minutes early and had called Diego around 8am since he was off of work today. Then it dawned on me.

I had a signed card with my training credentials on it and it was dated. If I was attending the training I thought I would be attending, I thought I might be able to get out of said training because I had already done it and there was a signed card for me in my possession, The reason I was signed up again for this training was because I “didn’t participate” the first time around. The reason I didn’t participate in the physical portion of the training was because I was three months post operation from my leg and foot surgery done in May. I couldn’t maneuver my leg and ankle and knee the way I should without getting hurt. I was told in the training that I didn’t have to participate and would still get credit from the course. And then the trainer signed my card saying that I passed the class, so I don’t understand why now I was pulled aside and said I needed to retake said training.

So back to today. I went down to the building that held the training and I asked the trainers what I should do since my card was signed and they said I still had to take the class. I went over to HR and asked her what was going on because the situation made no sense to me. She said I was technically certified, but if an auditor checked on me and my class status, it would show that the course was incomplete. So if I got a doctor’s note to excuse me from the physical portion of the class, then I would be able to pass the course with flying colors and continue to work. If I do not receive said doctor’s note, I will have to re-sign up for the class and take it even if it hurts me so that I can be certified.

The HR lady excused me from the course that day so I could get a doctor’s note. So I called the orthopedic surgeon’s office for a doctor note and then drove to Diego’s for breakfast since he had the day off today. I guess he had made a couple of thin steaks for breakfast and I asked if he had any eggs. He did and so I made scrambled eggs while he cut up the meat and we put steak and shredded Mexican cheese in the eggs. I put salsa all over my eggs and he put on his Valentina hot sauce on his eggs. We have Poncho, our houndy boi some steak and we prayed and enjoyed breakfast together. I called my mom to tell her what went down and said I would be home in a few hours. Then I asked Diego if he wanted to go for a walk with Poncho and he said no. So I took Poncho out in the 40 degree brisk fall weather and we went for a walk. The walk was about 22 minutes to one end of the street and back, but it was nice and Poncho pulled me the whole way there and back so he could do the sniffs and smells of the land. It was really nice. So nice that I even jogged a little bit with Poncho which he enjoyed thoroughly. I could have kept going but I wasn’t wearing a sports bra so my boobs were hitting me in the chin which was less nice.

It was pretty chilly and then when we returned to the house it felt like 1000 degrees inside compared to the cold, autumn air. Poncho was happy to see me. We ended up cuddling on the couch with popsicles and blankies and watched the stupid rom-com that I love so much called Crazy, Stupid Love with Ryan Gosling and Steve Carrell. I left about halfway through in order to call the doctor’s office and possibly pick up the doctor’s note. On my way home, I called them and they said that the doctor needed to call me for the doctor’s note since it is over 90 days post-op and I would be charged for her phone call and I’m like okay. So I have been home since noon and it is now 4:31pm and I have yet to receive a call from the doctor. My mom made some makeshift hamburger helper. She cooked ground beef with onion in a skillet and Mac and cheese in a pot and mixed them together.

We didn’t have any milk to put in with the Mac and cheese so I told my mom to put in a little cream cheese and 2 tablespoons of water and to put it back on the burner until it melts the cream cheese and gets rid of the powdered cheese. And by golly, my trick worked! The Mac and cheese was pretty good and mom boiled a can of green beans and those were also tasty. So now I await my phone call and continue on with homework.

Overall not a terrible day, but a little frustrating at times. What has you frustrated right now?

Much love,


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