Boredom Strikes Again!


After finishing decorating the lair, there isn’t many more projects I can do bedside. Diego came over yesterday and hung my twinkly lights, which was quite the task. I helped him by handing him thumb tacks and the “smacker”, which was a wooden level that my grandmother had in her belongings before she passed away 6 years ago. Now that my parents’ acquired her possessions, Diego found the level and utilized it as a hammer for putting the tacks into the wall.

The end result is a very bright and open space. The lights were just long enough to wrap around twice, using some thumb tacks more than once for the extra strand of lights. The one thing I didn’t think about was getting lights that are remote controlled so that I wouldn’t have to get up out of bed to turn the lights on and off. Oh well, slight overlook in the operation.

To paint a scene of my room, the bed is the centerpiece with a mustard yellow comforter. I have a navy blue rug on the floor with white hexagons. In the entryway, I have a fan blowing on me, next to that, I have a bookshelf full of my She-Hulk and Pokemon collections, books, a printer, and on the bottom shelf, we have my vlogging equipment and shoe box full of prescription medication. To the right of the bookshelf, we have my reading chair with my weighted blanket, navy blue and white accent pillows, and Cougar swag aka hat and shirt that reps Washington State University. This chair also houses my crutches. To the right of the chair we have a big window and my 55″ Samsung smart TV that blocks the window. To the right of the TV, we have a nook, where I have my desk and to the right of the desk we have my closet. To the right of the closet we have my dresser, bed, and then the door.

My friend came over today and said this couldn’t be called the lair any longer, it was too pretty. I said it was very girly and refined, because I am in fact, a girl. He said I’ve come a long way with fixing my room and getting into college. I have also fucked up a lot on the way, but I am making things right again with my new actions.

I keep trying to think of projects I can do, whether it be paintings, drawings, video games, etc. but I feel as though I have done it all. I have watched more than enough tv in my off time, listened to music, read my books, eat too much good food, draw, and more. I feel as though there is only so much one can do when you’re laid up like I am. At least I am blogging more to fill the void which can either be seen as a blessing to some and a curse to others.

I have, however, been reflecting on my life. I think I have been too materialistic about a lot of things. I always want nice things, but I don’t need to newest, nicest thing to be happy. I have really come to realize that my own happiness stems from being there for others and making others happy. I don’t care if anyone makes me happy because my happiness stems off of others’ inherent happiness, if that makes any sense.

I also realize I buy wayyyy too much shit off of Amazon. But it is so convenient. It’s like taking candy from a baby! I like to watch those videos on YouTube of Amazon must-haves and although I usually don’t buy the stuff on the videos, it does give me ideas of what I do need. Pretty much everything in my room is a product from Amazon, whether it be my vlogging microphone, my wireless keyboard, the desk monitor raiser, the string lights, the rug, the comforter, you name it, it’s from Amazon or Best Buy.

I digress. Buying so much stuff from Amazon has given me a room project to decorate my room in a cute way and has given me the means to do so. But I am also starting to think I’m a hoarder because I hold onto a lot of stuff I can’t actively use. I have 8 boxes in my parents’ living room filled with stuff that doesn’t fit in my small room and I have 5 boxes upstairs filled with art supplies and the like. I really need to get rid of what I don’t use anymore, but that’s a project for when I’m out of the cast.

That leaves me with pure boredom. I have no more projects to do, nothing to keep me busy. I did the remainder of decorating with the last shipment of Amazon stuff. It feels good to complete a project, but now I am antsy for the next one! Being at my folks’ house, there isn’t a whole lot of ownership so I don’t have the option of going through their things and making a project out of it, let alone the fact that I have a healing foot and leg.

So if anyone has any interesting documentaries to watch on Netflix, Hulu, or Prime, let me know. Or if you guys have any good games online or on the Nintendo Switch. Or any book recommendations or good articles online to read. Or things I should try to paint. Basically any hobby or time wasting exploration ideas are much appreciated.

Also, topics to blog or vlog about, anything regarding mental health issues or anything of interest!

You all are much appreciated.

Much love,


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