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I know most of you must have heard about digital planners, whether it be from Google or Outlook. I have personally been very hesitant to try digital planning, but when I heard about Notion, I was like, “Give me the Notion potion!”

Notion is a website and has an app for iOS purely for this planner that includes every which topic under the sun. Notion is made to plan your life out to the T, your spouse’s life out, and all your future children’s lives out too. To give you an idea, they have weekly, monthly, and yearly planners. They have calendars, rolodex’s, a way to keep track of expenses, of budgets, of goals, and habits.

Some of the items are catered to your job title, so this is something you can go to work and handle all of the Human Resources aspects along with the budget, and the staffing needs and clientele.

Like I said, and a lot of people are with me, how could I possibly put one year’s worth of calendar items and digitalize everything? What if there are technical issues? How long does it take?

So, as far as the technical issues go, the information can be downloaded to the desktop that you are using so whether that be Mac or Microsoft devices, or onto your iPad. I am not sure if Notion is on the android App Store, but I figure most people use Apple devices anyways.

As far as time, it can take as long as you want it to take. There are many templates you can find through the website or you can clip images or templates from Pinterest or TikTok. In Notion, you will need to use templates because there is literally so much you can do with the website or app that it’s hard to start from scratch. I mean, you can do things from scratch, but if you aren’t tech savvy, it can be nearly impossible or take exponentially longer than finding a subject you like and duplicating the template to your own page and then deleting and adding your own information.

You can customize the images on your Notion page by clipping stuff off the internet. Mind you, I am still figuring out the website myself so I really don’t have many insights to share with you quite yet, but it’s exciting. It gives me a reason to problem solve, and I get to use design aspects to articulate layout and what I want for my categories.

I am currently using Notion for my goals, my budget, my expenses, I will use it for school in the fall, and I use it for YouTube and Precarious Aquarius planning. I will embed my Notion page when I have completed more of it because I think it’s important to be upfront and honest with you all on my plans and goals; it holds me accountable.

So let me know in the comments how you feel about digital planners, whether it be Notion, Google Calendar, Outlook, etc.

How does planning help or hinder your mental illness?

For me, if you have been following Precarious Aquarius for a while, you know I like to try daily routines and scheduling and organizing. So trying online planning was right up my alley. It really helps my mental illness to keep proactive and not be idle, because I usually get into trouble if I have too much time on my hands.

This time being at home during surgery recovery has been rough since I have been bored and lonely, and can’t get around too good. This slows down the trouble making, but doesn’t stop it. But If I am invested into learning or doing something new, I am excited about the new project and won’t get into much trouble at all.

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