home, sweet home

Photo by Jill Burrow on Pexels.com

I got home this afternoon after spending the past day and a half with Diego. just to preface the situation, Diego is my ex and no, we are not trying to work things out romantically. But we are friends, we have sex, and we say I love you. So I am not sure what you want to call that because there is no potential of it turning into anything more than just that.

It is apparent to me that we both have feelings for each other, but it would never work out long term between him and I, as much as I would love it to. It’s really complex, to me at least, Diego and I’s relationship. If you’re curious about it, you are more than welcome to go through my various blog posts to try and figure my relationship out for yourself.

It’s weird because I feel equal parts at home and equal parts like a guest when I am over at Diego’s place. He bought the house without my knowledge of it until he had already gotten the keys and started making improvements to the home. I feel like when I moved in June 2020, it was my own home and he kicked me out in August due to my severe gambling addiction. When we reconciled in October, I made the house a home once again. When I had enough in February and I moved out, that’s when I took my home with me and left the skeleton of a house that he lives in with our dog, Poncho.

I feel comfortable to do as I please when I am over there, but he is quick to make me feel like a guest and make it seem like we didn’t have a life there together at all.

I love Diego, I really do. I just don’t understand how he thinks and operates. He leaves the house a mess all the time, it’s not terrible, but not great like when I cleaned the place daily and weekly. He blames the mess on the dog and his chew toys when in reality, Diego is just kind of lazy on his days off. I don’t complain because it’s not my place to critique.

He made breakfast for us this morning. I bought us Dutch Bros coffee and he went in to the store and bought breakfast supplies. Poncho was a good boy and did a trick for some bacon in return. We napped and then he took me home because I had an old coworker of mine who was bringing banana bread to my house.

It was good to be home. I received my banana bread and caught up with an old coworker. She looked so good and lost a lot of weight after having two major hip replacements. I complimented her for her bread and good looks. It was good to see her! She was always a nice lady and loved my family. We worked at the bank together and got to know each other’s families quite well.

After that, my prescription for narcotics was ready to pick up at the doctor’s office but my mom had just gotten me upstairs and didn’t have time to pick up my script before they closed so it means another day of pain because of their screwy system.

As much as it was nice to get out of the house after two plus weeks of captivity, it was exhausting moving around on my crutches as I did. I am beat. So I am stuck missing Diego and stuck without pain pills until tomorrow, so that blows.

At least I am sleeping in my own bed which is comfortable. Oh wait, I got a sleep apnea home test I have to do so I have to sleep with a mask under my nose and a bunch of wires everywhere, so that’s no bueno. I got to keep it on for two consecutive nights which also blows.

Well at least I am home. Home, sweet home.

Much love,


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