How to Face Temptation

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You always want what you can’t have, right? Well if you are put in situations or you put yourself in situations where temptation is present and you don’t want to partake in that activity, what can you do?

Well there isn’t a whole lot you can do, but I will share my tried and true tips on what to do if you’re faced with an uncomfortable situation.

This topic came up today because I am at Diego’s house at the moment. He drove me from my house to his after he got off of work. I took some narcotics beforehand so I couldn’t nor would I have driven here myself.

Mind you, he always has booze and weed at his house and it’s usually a non trigger issue for me. So we have dinner together and he asks if it’s ok if he smokes and I said go for it.

I made a mistake.

His being stoned made me really crave alcohol. He felt bad because I was vocal about it to him because he knows I am not drinking nor smoking. He asked why I said it was okay to smoke if I am now butthurt about it. I didn’t know I would become butthurt about it though.

It was a non escalated fight. I left the room to sleep in the spare bedroom because I couldn’t be around him high because it tempted me too much.

So how does one avoid temptation?

You must first acknowledge that temptation does exist. Humans naturally want what we can’t have, but just because we want it doesn’t mean that we can have what is or isn’t good for us.

To erase temptation is like trying to eliminate plastic in the ocean in the year 2021; like yeah that’s nice thought and all, but it’s never going to happen.

You can, however, minimize temptation. Reducing the amount of time you must come in contact with a certain substance, thing, or person who influences you negatively. With that being said, there will be times where friends or family will have drugs or alcohol or will go and gamble and I can’t change what they do or what they consume, I can only control my own actions.

You can also leave the situation or person and do something more up your alley. Like in my situation, I was sober off the pain pills, but I had no car, so since Diego was acting as a trigger on my sobriety, I left the space so I could do my own thing and he could do his own thing.

It’s never ideal to leave the situation because it creates boundary issues and resentment with the person that you are with, but protecting your own sobriety is paramount in all of this, so do what works best for you. I am not happy with how I did things, but I am proud that I stood my ground and didn’t consume anything I am not supposed to.

Man, do I want a fuckin’ drink though… he’s got all my booze because he took it when I decided to. become sober and he has a lot of his own liquor. I don’t even like the taste so much, but the sound of a stiff cocktail sounds refreshing.

But when do the cravings stop? All I know is that it gets easier as time goes on. That’s all I can ask for. It will be two months sober on the 30th. That’s like no time at all, yet all the time in the world.

Yeah, so there isn’t a whole lot you can do in situations like mine, except speak from the heart and do what’s best for you.

Much love,


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