Happy 1st Birthday at Precarious Aquarius!!!

Photo of Poncho and I just because I like the photo.

Today, last year, I officially posted to this very blog, Precarious Aquarius. The start to a beautiful, interesting, and intriguing adventure and it’s not nearly over yet!

I thought I would start out with the official stats of the blog to show how far this blog has come and display the hard work I have put in to get the blog off the ground.

Statistics for Precarious Aquarius as of 02/10/2021

Views: 4,777

Visitors: 1,610

Best Views in One Day: 86

Posts: 222

Likes: 553

Comments: 99

Followers: 175; 173 on WordPress and 2 email followers

What I have learned about blogging

  1. You don’t have to put money into your blog to be successful. I see a lot of bloggers spend money on different subscriptions to different websites and blog advice columns in order to be a better blogger. They also spend money on the website itself. What I’ve learned is that if your blog is interesting, well written, and fits a certain niche, your blog will become successful in its own right. That leads into another learning curve. By the way, these are all things I have lived and learned from over the past year and are things I wish I had the wisdom of knowing earlier on.
  2. Success looks different for every blogger. I did not go in with the expectation that I would have x amount of followers by x date. I just rolled with the punches and sure enough, nearly 5,000 views and 175 followers later, here I am. Is this success? Success is whatever you make it. Compared to other bloggers I follow who have thousands of followers, I am insignificant, but compared to bloggers who only have 27 followers, I’m looking like the dream. But the point is not to compare yourself to others because, like I said, it’s about content, delivery, and niche driven stuff.
  3. Niche, niche, niche. Stick to your niche! your blog should have a general theme. Mine is obviously mental health. It is important to stick to that particular niche in order to keep your base followers. Base followers are those who followed you from the beginning or the longest amount of time. They probably followed you because they also struggle with mental health or know someone that does. With that being said, keep your niche not too vague, yet not too specific. Mental health is a broad subject which allows me to keep some diary entry-esque posts because they all relate back to my own mental health.
  4. Categorize and tag your posts. For the sake of clarity and search ability, you can categorize your content on your website so if you have one main niche and some different topics within the niche, you can categorize the information so that it’s easier for readers to read what they want. As for tagging, when folks search WordPress, they will use key words. If they key words used in their search match the tag of your post, your post will pop up first or near the top of WordPress in order of recency.
  5. Read other blogs, especially those in your own niche. Reading other blogs, let’s say mental health blogs is important for growth. You can see the mistakes and the strong suits of others’ work and implement the pros to your own blog. This does not mean plagiarize or copy their work! But if a certain writing style or font or tag appeals to you, use it. Then comment on their blog to not only compliment them on their skills, but say what you did and where to find your work at. This is how to make blogger friends.
  6. Make blogger friends. A blogging friend is someone that follows and comments and likes your posts and you do the same for their blog. Constructive criticism is key to improving your own blog.

Hopefully this is helpful to new bloggers and old bloggers alike. Thank you all for the likes, comments, and follows. Hopefully this next year will be better than the last!

Much Love,


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  1. socialworkerangela says:

    Congrats! I love the mental health niche and community. I look forward to reading the next year of your journey.

    Liked by 1 person

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