Golden Hour, San Diego Style

I discussed the happenings of Friday’s chain of events into Saturday morning so I’ll post some photos and videos of those highlights.

Day 3 Highlights – Friday

Me, Imperial Beach, CA 09/18/2020
King of Beers: Budweiser – Coolin out in San Diego
Golden hour – Chris and I at Black’s Beach on 09/18/2020 at sunset
Me, Black’s Beach 09/18/2020
On our way to late night drinks and dinner.

Dinner was okay, but the orange chicken sauce was lacking for sure. But the rice and potstickers were on point. And so was this Starburst vodka mixed drink that I kept nearly knocking over.

Day 4 – Saturday

Since I was up all night, we went out to breakfast around 8 am where he got chicken fried steak which was lacking, and I got corned beef hash which was on point.

We got back to the apartment where we took a nap since I was getting cranky.

It’s around noon at this point and we are trying to decide whether to go to the San Diego zoo or to SeaWorld. We start discussing what we were or our relationship potential in more detail.

To say I broke down is an understatement. Yesterday’s conversation can be summed up as he refuses to do long distance while he’s stationed down here. He likes to look at it as potential for when he goes back home, we can hopefully pick up where we left off down here.

In hindsight, that should be a good thing, but I did not take it well; I perceived it as he didn’t want to be with me at all. I took it as rejection.

As I begin to silently cry, he holds me and doesn’t say much. I mean, what could he really say besides conceding into a relationship. I didn’t want him to be in a relationship with me since that’s obviously not what he wants right now. He wants the option to fuck who he wants, when he wants while stationed in California. I mean, who could blame him?

I don’t think he’s ready to settle down anytime soon and that’s fine, but that’s not what I want or need in my life right now. I can’t have sex with anyone for a long time after my surgery on Monday nor would I want to without some sort of commitment.

This conversation led him to drag me to the beach to have some fun. It’s the last thing I wanted to do, but since I’m a people pleaser, I concede.

Pacifc Beach bound

I was determined not to have any fun while on this adventure. But Chris made a point to drag me out to the cold ass ocean and dive into the waves as they came crashing in. If you have never done this, it’s actually quite difficult because the current can and will sweep you off your feet.

Today I am sore. After we did this for a couple of hours, we went back to the apartment to shower and get ready for dinner. It was my turn to choose the restaurant and boy, did I do good.

Obviously I pick Mexican food in old Town. It was phenomenal and by far the best food I’ve had on this trip and considering it’s my last day here, probably the last good meal I will have.

Birria de res with beans and rice and corn tortillas

We had pre gamed before we left for dinner. I was determined to get drunk that night. I had 3 shots of tequila before hand. I had the one mojito at the restaurant. I think I had another shot of Patron when I got back and probably 2 shots of Fireball mixed with an Angry Orchard. I slept so hard you would not believe.

Day 5 – Sunday aka Last Day

As always,


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