San Diego dates and Surgery pains

Closest I’ll ever be to riding a dinosaur

I did a lot of vlogging yesterday for the last day of my trip..

Breakfast of Champions

We ended up finding a place called the Broken Yolk with flights of different flavored mimosas. I had some stuff French toast while Chris and ended up taking the 4 mimosas like a shot.

After doing that 4 times, the waitress came over and asked I got up for the bathroom yet and I said no. She said good luck thats a half bottle of champagne in those.

Chris and I then left for the San Diego zoo. We eventually found parking but the line was at least a good hour long to get in to the zoo so we ended up napping at the apartment before he dropped me off at my flight.

The closest I got to touching an animal was this when I found these statues on the side of the road in Bonita, CA.

Riding a dinosaur.

I made one last video while I was in San Diego. It was bitter sweet and we were sad for me to go, but after this low key rejection that I felt from Saturday, I was almost ready to go, even if I did need surgery the next day…

Kiss goodbye
Hello, Seattle. Home sweet home of the Seattle Seahawks and the Seattle Mariner’s!

I was not afraid of flying home which is good considering my Xanax didn’t help much.

I got home by 11 p.m. last night and had surgery at 6 15 a.m. today. I wasn’t able to have anyone be there for me during the 8 hour process of surgery and pre and post operation.

Now I am chilling out at home with my leg elevated and my parents are taking care of me head to foot. My foot is dumb completely but my knee is bothering even with the narcotics. I am happy to be done with surgery, but I know I have a long road ahead…

Bulky Jones cast with knee surgery incision


Til next time friends,

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