What’s new and happening

I feel like so much has happened in ten short days. Um. Instead of having two jobs; one on its way out and onto the next one, I now have zero jobs as of Friday the 5th of May. A lot of shit went down with that but essentially, the new job rescinded its employment offer after finding out on my personal Facebook page that I need a fourth ankle surgery and they wanted nothing to do with me. I went to rescind my resignation on the second of last day of employment and my immediate supervisor said she would love to have me back and that it makes her job easier but I had to talk to the head honcho via email and I asked to rescind or even start as a new hire and he said and I QUOTE, “we’re going to pass at this time.”

So I found that out at work on Thursday and I was in tears. I went outside to call my dad and he felt helpless for me and my mom was on her Alaskan cruise with her friend so I couldn’t call her. I tried to dry my tears and embrace what would be an emotional last few days. One of my clients cried when I said I was leaving and the other said that she loved me. Which made me cry harder.

But I said after I got my shit together that we have one more dance to go to together on Friday. We were gonna have a good time and have good memories to make. I got hugs and gifts and well wishes from the staff at the dance, my clients, my honorary clients (clients that aren’t mine but are fond of me, as well as other staff from my company. I received a cute shirt from the dance place itself saying “It’s Friday, Let’s Dance.” And a water bottle from an honorary client, and a painting from my client and a few of their friends. Lots of hugs, high fives, dancing, and well wishes. Laughs, but no tears.

I hugged one of the clients who is a client of my old agency and he said “Dani, if you weren’t a staff, I would date you in a heartbeat!” And my staff friend was like “You know she is no longer staff after today.” I made sure to leave before I broke that man’s heart but it’s funny how special needs folks perceive beauty. They think a nice person is worth dating over an attractive person on TV or like a model, let’s say. They know I am good people, and have a good heart. I mean, I’m not ugly but I am not conventionally pretty either.

I didn’t cry once I left that shift which is good in my opinion. My clients said their goodbyes to me at the house before going to bed and before night shift showed up. So now I am unemployed for hopefully a short time. I was offered an interview as a staffing coordinator for a nursing home and I am just waiting for an interview time and date.

I went to the Mariner game with my friend on Saturday for his birthday which is actually on Tuesday. I spent some money but I had planned this day out before I didn’t have employment so it was good that It’s all paid for and I’m not hurting financially even though it is a couple of days before pay day.

I ended things with the guy I was seeing. I just don’t really want to date and I feel good having more free time on my hands because this way I can get my homework back on track and my feelings on the mend and my house back in order.

So I am trying to stay positive but we shall see what happens. Not a whole lot has happened otherwise so I am falling asleep writing this so I am going to bed.

More updates to come.

Much love,



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