I feel as though a lot has happened since I blogged last but I can’t remember what I blogged last time and I don’t want to jump out of this post to browse my last couple posts so if I repeat myself I apologize. For all you new readers, hello! I am Dani the 25 year old gal with bipolar disorder who throws out all her personal information for you to read here at Precarious Aquarius.

First things first: I won’t be a caregiver for much longer…. well that sounds bad like I got fired. But in actuality, I put in my two weeks because I was recruited for a management position at a similar company that I am at now. So half of my time will be spent with clients and the other half. I’ll be paper pushing in the office.

On Monday, I received the call that I got the job and my new boss asked what my new salary expectations were and I was shooting for the moon here when I paused and blurted out $28/hour. She paused too and replied Danielle, welcome to the team. I was sitting in my car with my mom after we had rolled up coins to cash out at the bank and we are trying to be silent and my boss said she would see me on May 8th at 8am sharp and hung up. After that my mom laugh hysterically and say holy shit that’s incredible. We were ecstatic and we talked about that minute and a half phone call all throughout breakfast that we paid for with our coins.

I put in my two weeks at my job on Tuesday and I haven’t heard from my current boss yet. I am unsure what my schedule is for next week but I am working six days this week so my next paycheck should be large.

I have yet to tell my clients because usually when a new staff comes in or an old staff leaves the company, the clients tend to freak out and act out using inappropriate coping mechanisms so I am waiting til May 5th which is a Friday and also my last day to tell them. I will guaranteed cry on my last day; I love my clients I really do. However money talks so I’m a-walkin’. Plus it’s basically a promotion for me not only in hourly but in expectations had for me which is what I have been craving.

All of this is ironic because I went on a date on Sunday and we opened fortune cookies together and the one I had said, “Your present plans are going to succeed.” My date from that day and I are still talking and are very fond of each other and I got that new job, and things seem to be going well. Also, on Monday I went to the GI doctor and I have to get an endoscopy and take a few new medications to figure out why I’m throwing up stomach bile every day. So I liked my new doctor he was cool but he started off on his soap box of “You gained 22 pounds since covid started and that has a place in all this ” (meaning my mystery diagnosis) and I thought to myself that we all gained the covid 20 these last three years. I mean, I was overweight before but now I really am and I recognize that but I have lost over ten pounds because I can’t eat now so hey look on the bright side.

I am working graveyard tonight until 7am and it is currently 1:43am so I gotta do some school work while I am here, make one of my clients’ some pancakes for breakfast and do the med books. After work, I have to get my oil changed at the dealership which is free to me since I just got this car back in January. I have an information session for the social work program at 9am so I am hoping I can just put in my headphones and do that at the dealership because my oil change will take a while and I won’t be able to go home before the meeting on Zoom starts.

My mental health has been alright. Some days more rough than others but for the most part stable since my major manic spree last month. It’s so weird to me because a month ago feels like a lifetime ago and now look at me; getting my shit together and stuff. I even cleaned my room for the most part this week. Bed is even made. My desks are messy and my clean clothes are in baskets throughout the house, but at least there is very minimal dirty laundry so go Dani!

I think that’s it for me for now and I will do a more in depth mental health post here soon (or something else that is cool, I don’t know) LOL

Much love,



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  1. Congratulations on the new job!

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