wish you well

When we drive

when we drive

oh you drive me wild

with your shitty jams playing mild

just like our sex life

oh wait that ran out entirely

for months I lay so lonely

we had nothing in common

except nearly sharing the same last name

oh my god were you so lame

couldn’t talk for nothing;

I was worried to end it

worried you’d try to kill yourself again

worried you’d try to kill me, God dammit!

You couldn’t get over your troubles, child

you made everyday feel like a rainy day

I have yet to write about you until right now

I hope you read it and feel as shitty as you made me feel too

Angry is a way to feel not a way to live life, but what do I know?

to you, I’m the cold hearted bitch to break your heart for the first time

like you had done for so many others before me I know you were a player

and not faithful either but at least I was oh who the hell cares

it’s over now and I wish you well

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