Road to Financial Freedom

If ya’ll read my last post, then you know that today (Monday) was a busy errand filled day for me. Got off work at 7am after a twelve hour work night. I got paid on Saturday and I finally had enough with overtime to have a paycheck where I can actually save some money as well as pay all my bills and pay for things like medicine and groceries. I get paid once a month so budgeting these funds can be very tricky and in the year I have been paid like this. I sold some stuff and had overtime so I dispersed my “spending money” into a different checking and savings accounts, respectively. And kept all my bill money with a small buffer in my primary checking account. I started this new method because if I see money in my checking account, I’ll spend it. But if my spending money is in a separate place, I can easily see what I can spend and still have enough for bills in my other account.

Anyways I did this last night, seperating funds into different accounts. And I ordered groceries online for the family and spent $150. I usually just buy groceries and give a portion of my income to my mom as a thanks for what my parents do for me. I remember being super angry about this until I got to a place that I wanted to give and felt good about giving rather than making it into a chore or a burden. So today since I made a sale, I gave mom $120 and paid for the groceries by myself. I was happy to do it. We put groceries away around 8am. I had an eye appointment at 10:30am so I grabbed some of my meds at the pharmacy and dropped off some Amazon returns at the mail shop.

My eye appointment was disheartening because the doctor didn’t know what’s wrong with my eyes. I have floaters and seeing double vision with light sensitivity and pain. My optic nerve isn’t swollen, my eyes look overall healthy which is good. But she recommended I see my primary care doctor and get tests done for myasthenia garvis which I guess is a muscle deterioration disease which spreads throughout your body. Only 1 in 5 people with the illness only have muscle deterioration in the eyes only. But I don’t have any muscle weakness anywhere else and I suppose my eyes are a little droopy but then again I came off a graveyard shift. So we’re praying it’s not that and it may very well be my mental illness messing with my eyes causing blurry and pained vision, that I don’t know.

I drove to Tacoma with my mom so I could sell an item and I got my money and then we went out to lunch. After that, we went to my office to drop off a form and then home. I didn’t pay on my loans, either the personal or car note yet. And I cancelled my hair appointment because we had been going since 8am and it was now 3pm. So I went home and slept and then I login to the school website to see I got my financial aid suspended and even when self reinstating, it’s not a guarantee to hold you in classes until the issue is resolved, so I had to pay. But here’s the catch: I had the $1500 surplus to put toward my tuition this quarter without going in the red! And this is after I bought killer Mariner tickets with my best friend for his birthday against the Astros (BOOOOOOOOOOOO) on Saturday May 6th. So this is a real come to Jesus moment for how grateful I am to have budgeted this paycheck and spent my money wisely. At least I don’t have to worry about school until June and I can save up for my next (and last!) quarter if need be.

Now after a nap, I am doing laundry, kinda picking up my room and I stopped to write this and if it weren’t for typing being muscle memory, I’d be screwed because the screen is so hard to read and the more lights I turn on to see said screen, then my eyes get more blurry. SO I am having a time over here, y’all.

Okay that’s it for me.

much love,



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