I got back from Portland, Oregon yesterday evening. I went to Portland with Steven and met up with the rest of my family for my grandmother’s funeral. The funeral was on March 10th, just two and a half weeks after she passed. Steven and I didn’t stay long at the funeral because I personally wasn’t that close to her and I wanted to show Steven the city and the shopping and stuff he would prefer to be doing because it shouldn’t be all about me. I paid my respects, I greeted everyone and said goodbye. Afterwards, we did some shopping and went to downtown Portland for dinner at Morton’s steak house; a restaurant so fancy there was a coat check and no prices on the menu. I mean we were dressed for the occasion but we aren’t that bougie. LOL.

It was divine except for the fact that I spent all Friday night/Saturday morning getting sick in the bathroom. We drove by my childhood home and then Steven spent the night with me at my parent’s house because after the funeral they went to Seaside. So we had to feed and take care of the cats at their house so it was just easier for us to spend time together and spend the night since the house was empty.

I think Saturday night I fed the cats, let them outside, and made us grilled cheese sandwiches and we went to bed by 8:15pm; I was so exhausted from our trip. Now mind you, I worked until almost 12am Thursday night, woke up at 4:30am to leave my house by 6am and then pick up Steven, get breakfast really fast and get to the service on time well before it started at 11am. It has been go, go, go all weekend.

And I started work today at 7pm and now it is 12:04am on Monday morning. Oh! I know why my time is all messed up! Because of Spring Forward; setting the clocks ahead. I feel like a chicken with my head cut off all I do is eat, sleep, and work. I have slowly been working on my application for PSU’s BSW program and I am stuck on the essay portion trying to fill that out and having writer’s block. I have roughly 16 more days before it’s due but I have to get two letters of recommendation done before I turn in the application. I feel like I won’t get in but I don’t know that…. so I really need to do my best and get shit done.

In 2.5 months, I am getting married and that is crazy. I also need foot surgery on my foot for the 4th time in five years, but that won’t be until after my wedding. When walking around in downtown Portland, I definitely hurt my bad foot and overdid things. Oh well you only live once.

I have lots to do with so seemingly little to no time. I will figure it out eventually. I start school in the beginning of April and I most likely move into a two bed / two bath apartment with Steven starting in the middle of May. Just waiting for approval on that.

So life is busy but decent despite me selling my soul to my job every week. I am unsure what happens next but we shall see.

much love,



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