Stressed, Capital “S”

I am on day 10 of not vaping so hats off to me! But I am thinking my desire to smoke is greater now than it ever has been, but with my super severe heart and lung inflammation, I must remain done with smoking. I haven’t written in awhile because I have been working 57 hours in four days at work. I got cleared to work last Friday and since then, I have worked two doubles, and two thirteen and twelve hour shifts with one of those shifts being an all-nighter. I wasn’t really feeling the fatigue until today because I am starting to get sick and then of course one of clients get diagnosed with Covid so I have been exposed to them since their symptoms started. I took a covid test and I am negative as of earlier today so that’s good.

Steven’s birthday is on Thursday, the 23rd and he’s going out of town to see family for his long weekend so tomorrow I am gonna get all dolled up and take him to his favorite restaurant in Tacoma after he gets off work. I finally have a day off tomorrow so I can sleep in a bit after getting off at 11pm tonight. I have to find my nursing assistant license and bring it to the office tomorrow and schedule a TB test and send those results to the office because that was a pre-hire requisite I never did. I also need to go to T Mobile to figure out something with my phone plan. I have to email the pastor back about premarital counseling. She said her fee was $270 for the counseling and assessments and it’s an investment in our upcoming marriage so I think it’s well worth the time and effort and money.

I think Steven and I are going to get married legally on June 1st of this year at the courthouse so I can change my last name to his and get on his insurance and benefits package. And then have a “real” wedding next June 1st so we have time to save for the ceremony and reception. We want to complete marriage counseling before we get legally married which I think can get done and then we are gonna spend a little bit on outfits and then pay the marriage license fee and get someone to take photos. In less than 100 days I will be legally married and I don’t know if it stresses me out or just frightens me. I am thinking financially this is smart in the long haul but the upfront costs to do this are a lot; not to mention I am on a payment plan at school for dropping out this quarter but a good thing is that I signed up for spring quarter today for two science classes and a math class, all online with different teachers so it should be hard but a good quarter.

I am not really sure how I feel about any of it. I’ll think about it more and discuss later because my MacBook is about to die.

much love,



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