Good things

I am gonna do a bullet list of all the things that are now happening and then I will itemize them each line.

  1. I am actually not diabetic!
  2. I am looking at a duplex rental with Steven today
  3. I go back to work on Friday
  4. I received my tax return
  5. I have been vape free for almost four whole days

I had to go in and pay a doctor visit bill and I was confused so I asked the available nurse and said my A1C is 5.0 which isn’t even pre diabetic numbers and I was being put on a diabetic medication (injection; I forget the name) but she asked the doctor and she said she marked my diagnostic sheet as diabetic so I could get that medicine to lost weight. So I am not diabetic nor pre diabetic which is awesome but I want to use this as a really real health scare because eating a diabetic diet sucks but I don’t want to overindulge in sweets and salty food just because that isn’t good for anyone.

My doctor said I had severe heart and lung inflammation part of that was because I was sick with an ear infection and an upper respiratory infection. But a big part of that had to do with my smoking. I am proud to say I am now 3 days 17 hours 20 minutes clean of vaping as of right this minute! I am chewing nicotine gum, but I have been chewing less and less each day, slowing weaning off my nicotine dependence and it’s hard because Steven has been using my old vape mod. He smokes around me and I told him to because life will always bring temptations and I gotta fight it no matter the situation. Like I stated in my last blog, I went to a bar the first night I quit smoking and went to the smoke shack and If I can withstand having cigarette smoke in my face and vape juice smell on me, I can do anything.

I got my tax return back which is excellent because it has to do with the next thing I am about to say which is…

Steven and I found a place we could potentially move into!!! It’s a duplex 2 bed/1 bath, two floors. Bedrooms and bathroom on the first floor and living quarters and kitchen are upstairs. I believe the laundry room is downstairs next to the bathroom and two bedrooms so I am not carrying clothes up and down stairs. It is very clean, has a dishwasher, and best part of all is that Steven can literally walk to work and I am a five minute drive in the opposite direction for my work compared to 45 minutes to drive from home to work now. I think it’s a relatively safe neighborhood and the only downside for me is that I would now be a 45 minute drive from my parents but honestly, I am so used to the drive that it don’t matter to me how much I will have to do it. But the best part is that it’s 1650 per month including water and sewer which is how much one bedroom apartments go for in this area. So we have an appointment to look at the property this afternoon and my mom is gonna come with to help us inspect the place and see if it is all it’s living up to be.

I hope it works out because I would have to use all my tax return and all of Steven’s tax return and savings to move in starting March whatever date to be determined but to be in our own place would be super nice.

The other and last good thing is I get to go back to work on Friday the 17th. I was off work to rest my ankle which I did but I also got a lot of stuff done around the house. I am completely caught up on laundry, got rid of two bags of clothes that either didn’t fit or I didn’t like. I cleaned my room pretty good and I did many errands and doctor’s appointments and what not. Just crap I have been neglecting.

I am happy to report that the increased anti psychotic is not only helping my delusions, it is also helping my deep rut of depression. I finally feel like my “normal” self.

That is all for now. Prayers that this property works out for my fiancé and I!

much love,



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