Some changes coming up

I had my doctor’s appointment today with my primary care provider and I was dreading this because I got a sneak peak at my lab results before my appointment and I felt like it was the end of the world and, news flash! It wasn’t.

First of all, the doctor upped my Abilify which is my anti psychotic because of my paranoid delusions so she brought me up from 15 mg to 30mg, which I am happy about despite the medicine being super expensive. I am reducing my intake of vitamins D3 and B12 because I am high in those categories and adding DHEA and pregnenolone vitamins because those will help with adrenal and hormone support with moods/metabolism/memory.

I had a upper respiratory tract infection last week and it was hurting my ears real bad but I had her look in my right ear because it’s been bothering me super bad and now I have an ear infection in my right ear which is my good ear so it’s harder to hear because I am using my other ear.

With that being said, she could tell I was sick during my labs because my labs were out of wack in some areas and me being sick was part of the problem, but not all of the problem.

I have inflammation in my heart and lungs due to 1) smoking or really, vaping nicotine products, 2) drinking Red Bull all day every day and night when I am working and, 3) my sleep apnea. So I try using my cpap machine every night but it usually comes off and only stays on my face 1-2 hours a night. So I was given modafinil to help wake me up and cease the need for Red Bull and to switch to coffee if I need a pick me up.

I was given a recommendation of how to quit smoking by using some gum on Amazon so I bought some tonight as a nicotine cessation product. That will get here Saturday. So I guess I will quit when I get my gum.

Last but most importantly I was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes and I will be taking ozempic for my insulin resistance. My A1C is only 5 so it’s considered to be uncomplicated or whatever they said. That med is on back order everywhere in the US so I am unable to get it quite yet but we shall see what happens in the next couple of months. I don’t need insulin shots at the moment or any other meds. The ozempic is, I guess, used as weight loss shot in Hollywood and so I guess that’s one of the benefits of being on this med is the weight loss. I am not at my heaviest weight but I finally tipped over to the dark side….. 202 lbs as of today.

I don’t really mind how I look because Steven loves me the way I am and adores how I look. But at 5’0″ tall, being 202lbs makes me morbidly obese. I was kind of feeling down about my situation but then I kind of got my shit together and then! I got a call with my parents both crying that my grandmother, my father’s mom, has an expected week or two at most to live. We thought she wasn’t going to make it back in October but I am debating going down to Oregon to see family. I am off work for another week and I might not get the time to go to a funeral once she passes because I have missed so much work already. However, I might putting the cart before the horse.

I have some things to do this week but I’ll save that for a different blog.

If you’re the praying kind, please pray for my family during this time.

much love,



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