I just had my 25th birthday yesterday, February 6th. Officially in my mid-twenties and feeling pretty good over all. On my actual birthday which was on a Monday, I ran errands with my mom so we went to the bank for her, we went to Goodwill because she was looking for a bright pink chair for her new closet room (an old bedroom she converted to a walk in closet). She got that and a few knick knacks and I came home with an office drawer set from IKEA that runs $150 + brand new that I got for $4.99. It’s white with five drawers all working properly, just needs a deep cleaning. I also scored a t shirt that says “Thick thighs x Thin Patience” as well as a candle holder that is white and see through with cross shaped holes and the inside Is teal blue which was also $5 and in great shape.

So for $15.00 I got all my treasures that would have cost well over $200 anywhere else. So then we went to Costco and got a pot roast for dinner and Red Bull and a couple other items. I had lunch there and then dropped my mom off at a meeting and I got prescriptions from the pharmacy. I went to the bank that had my new car loan and I asked why they created a separate log in for me for my car versus all my other accounts with that bank. I was told since the car loan is a joint account, it needed it’s on separate account from my checking, savings, and other personal loan. I was kind of frustrated with this since I need two logins to pay the same company and it would behoove them to make it easier on their customers but oh well I might get it over it one day lol.

Steven came over once he got off work and I napped and we just chilled. So all in all, it was a good day.

Today I got down to business and cleaned my room finished my small load of laundry and made my appointment to follow up with my ankle MRI results on March 7th. My MRI is on February 24th so I will officially know what is wrong with my ankle come March 7th. I have been off work and supposed to be non weight bearing for my left ankle but I have not been doing that and I am feeling the pain in my foot. I am not sure how messed up my foot will be this time but I am about 93% sure my doctor will recommend a fourth surgery. I need to save up money to be off work but I am off work for another 10 days and I am missing so much work now that I am just trying to keep my head above water. Plus there is wedding planning I want to think about and pay towards not only that but it usually takes a full year to recover from each surgery so I need to have this surgery sooner rather than later so I can be pain free for a June 2024 wedding.

I am frustrated with how things are going with my injury but I am happy things are moving forward and shit is getting done. I do have to say that this time off of work has been a blessing because my chores are getting done, I am getting quality rest, I am not as stressed minus the money aspect. I need to put away and go through all my clean clothes and then I have to clean my new office drawers and put them in my room. I have been writing more and trying to post more as well. I also need to deep clean my bathroom. These are things that require me to be on my feet but I am so used to being in severe pain that it doesn’t really phase me.

I have my mental health doctor follow up on Thursday the 9th. I gotta get on different meds because I have been in depression for five months or so and my lack of ability to do my normal things kills me inside. I will get scolded for my bloodwork but it’s harder to diet and exercise when I can’t really do any cardio because of my ankle crap. And I just don’t want to eat better but it might kill me if I don’t eat better.

ok I think that’s enough of a rant for a while.

much love,



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