Birthday Weekend

I don’t remember what I blogged last so allow me to enlighten those who either don’t know or don’t remember. I am off work for two weeks due to my prior ankle injury as I await a date for a MRI. Because I am supposed to be on crutches or the knee scooter, in a boot, and non weight bearing. But she also said it probably won’t help so I reluctantly took my doctor’s note to work and now I have the next two weeks off.

Not gonna lie, besides not getting paid, this time off is a much needed blessing. I need to get a lot of stuff done. So far, I have done all my laundry and cleaned my room. I got my new license plates on Friday. This weekend is special because on Monday, February 6th is my 25th birthday! I am still recovering from my upper respiratory tract infection so Steven and I stayed in for most of this weekend because I wasn’t feeling like going out. Yesterday, my family took me out to birthday lunch and then had cake and ice cream back at the house. Today we went to his church in Tacoma, and besides it being so early when we went, I was happy to be there and meet his church brethren and sisters in Christ. We had communion together and that was an unexpected surprise; I love taking part of communion. It was special to share that bond together, through God and being at church and it was good for us.

Now we are just chilling at his house, I am on my MacBook, he is playing video games. He has work tomorrow but will come over to my house after work for my actual birthday. I don’t think we have any plans, we went to the craft store this weekend and the bought me a set of canvases, two paint pens, and a tumbler cup on clearance. I am excited to use them and I had a small balance gift card so we used that up and all in all, he spent $18 on me for my birthday. But then again, he helped me buy a new car a couple weeks ago so I’m not hurting or needing anything.

I did however, order a wedding planner on Amazon and it should be here tomorrow and I asked Steven what he is most excited about when it comes to getting married and he said he is most excited for sharing the moment of our union among family and friends and I said I was most looking forward to exchanging our vows. We also came to the conclusion to do a “year of us” where we attend premarital counseling starting in May or June of this year and do a monthly recording of us asking each other questions about our relationship, marriage, etc. I figured it would be nice for us to look back on what we are doing and how we think in the year leading up to our wedding. A little cheesy, but he agreed to it.

Not much else to share at the moment, kinda in vacation mode.

much love to you all,



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