Well, of course.

After injuring my Achilles tendon (Achilles tendonitis), I somehow managed to drop a heavy office chair on top of my achilles tendon and in between the ankle ball on the inside of my left ankle (don’t ask me how I managed that.) So this morning I am up early after a shortened day at work and trying to get into urgent care to get this thing re- x-rayed. I am now unsure if I broke anything, I still have my orthopedic surgeon appointment February 2nd, however I am in so much pain and there is a lot of additional swelling to the already injured foot so it’s just… infuriating.

I have my foot elevated and on two ice packs so it wraps around the ankle. It was kind of sweet though, my clients saw that I got hurt and kept asking how I was and if they could do anything for me. I really thought I was gonna have to work until 11pm last night. But I got out of there about 7:30 and I hurt myself at the beginning of the shift so four hours prior to that. So I spent a lot of time after getting hurt standing on my feet and trying to do my job. I would hobble toward the front porch to vape and then back to the demon chair where I would sit and try not to cry out in pain.

In other news I got paid today and will be able to put some money away toward savings for a wedding and to move out. My parents said I am welcome to stay as long as I would like and I think I will take them up on their offer. I pay $600 in “rent” to my mother and I usually pay for groceries on top of that and sometimes she will pay me a portion back of the grocery bill since I usually get online grocery pick up so I don’t overspend in store. Anyways that is cheaper than any rent or part of a mortgage that I could pay for at this rate in my life. As much as I want to live with my fiancé and move in together and all that, I think it would be smart to put away cash now for the wedding which will be happening in June 2024 and then once that’s paid off, then we can focus our energy on either buying or renting a house.

It is now almost 11pm and I have a boot on my leg for my ankle sprain and ankle/foot contusions. The x-rays are being sent to the radiologist and see if there are any micro breaks to any of the bone. Technically this is an L and I claim so I gotta go to physical therapy and wear the boot when I am upright and ice/elevate when I’m in bed. I was off work today due to the injury and I think I am being put on light duty which means I gotta go work graveyard again which I am actually okay with doing. My mental health has been so much better working normal people hours but I think I see my fiancé more when working graveyard versus swing shift. Plus I am able to get more school done as well.

I am frustrated with the way things are going but in other news I found a cute church to get married at that’s on the cheaper end of the spectrum. It seems perfect and like it fell in our laps. I have school all day tomorrow so I gotta wake up early, get my boot on and go in so that I can study and what not. I have had a lazy day today which I like but I need to get myself back on track.

much love,



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