Happy Together

Photo by Brian de Karma on Pexels.com

I believe I have been withholding some exciting news from ya’ll but I had to tell some key important people in person before it was announced on social media and here. Here goes nothing…

On Monday, January 2nd of 2023, Steven proposed to me asking for my hand in marriage and I gladly accepted.

I know what you’re all thinking… “didn’t y’all just meet a few months ago?” “Isn’t it too soon?” Yes and no is the answer to that..

Steven and I’s relationship is very intentional. We both have long term relationship histories and similar dating patterns. We certainly know how to fuck up, but with that comes knowing how and what makes things work; communication, nontoxic traits, compassion, empathy, care, and give and take. That isn’t an all inclusive list but some major key factors. We have spent nearly everyday of the past three months together, never spent a day where I didn’t hear his voice. Our relationship and partnership has been able to grow exponentially because we communicate our passions, dreams, dislikes, likes, etc. We ultimately want the same things have similar goals and although are quite different in many areas, come together and bring joy and peace to one another.

Steven is easy to love. He is so loving and affectionate. He is empathetic, funny, kind, sweet, smart, talented, encouraging, thoughtful, compassionate and so many other words my rhetoric fails to convey in this blog.

So was it fast? Absolutely, no doubt about that. But when you know, you know. We have both dated the rainbow and don’t live with regrets, and for the most part no resentments. We both possess the qualities that each other is looking for. Why wait to share our love with all our loved ones and unite our union through vows and prayer under God?

We are aiming for a wedding June-ish of 2024 which gives us about a year and a half to plan. I am curious to see how everything will play out. Gotta pick bridal party ladies, go dress shopping, get his tux, pick colors, flowers, venue, food. The whole thing. I personally would be fine with the courthouse but he wants the full thing. But the weight of wedding planning goes mostly on my shoulders not his. I am not a perfectionist but I am better at deadlines and budgeting a wedding than he is. He will be involved because he likes the fashion aspect and what not but it appears to me he wants options laid out to him and pick from that. Which is a lot of work for me. I am not complaining and I am very happy but it all gives me terrible anxiety.

So that’s all we have for now! I just completed my first week of school and I am holding my own. It’s hard to adjust back to a “school schedule” versus a “vacation schedule”. I work one graveyard shift a week now which is from Sunday into Monday morning. That gives me about 12 hours of homework time, but my 4 other 8 hour shifts it’s hard to do any schooling. So that gives me some time before work but it’s hard to motivate myself when I am at home. Might have to grab a coffee in the morning and study or just use the school library which is 40 minutes south and very much out of my way when all I have that day is nothing (like on Saturdays).

I think that is it. Gotta go study :/

much love,


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