I think 2022 has definitely been a place of growth for me. Emotionally, mentally, physically, and spiritually. I can honestly say that I have never been better and the best is yet to come. That may be a little cliche, but it’s the damn truth and I am sticking to it.

I was single for most of 2022 and it allowed me to really invest in myself and do what works for me and through that I realized my self worth and what I need in a relationship. I found someone in the latter half of the year that I mesh with well and respects and cares for me and treats me like the pretty pretty princess that I am. With that being said, I treat him like a king that he deserves to be treated like because we all have inherent value no matter our faults and deserve the best that our partners have to offer.

I am excited to call this man my boyfriend. On Friday, he and I picked up the engagement ring that he will give me when he (eventually) proposes. Don’t worry, that won’t be anytime soon but he’s ready for when the time comes 😉 It is a toi et moi ring, which is I believe French for you and me ring. It has two large stones, one emerald and one diamond which are both pear shaped stones in the shape that almost resembles a heart and the band has little diamonds in it… it is stunning. That was the ring we compromised on because he loves gemstones and I love diamonds so we have each piece to remind us of each other which is very endearing.

Now I must be patient as the right time comes for an engagement I mean it could be as soon as my birthday (Feb. 6th) or maybe we wait til summer, I am unsure. Either way I am enjoying my time and not trying to rush into forever… things will fall in place in God’s timing not mine.

I have been in school for the majority of 2022. I started at Washington State in January and by March, I dropped out because my mental health wasn’t great and my depression led to my decision to take a momentary break. The day after I dropped out, I got an email stating that my financial aid package would be giving me a “free ride” for the whole year and that was half the reason I dropped out since I had to take out student loans and they were a burden. I began community college in the beginning of July, shortly after got covid. Failed my geology class which caused me to lose my funding for fall quarter (I was receiving about 4k worth of grants a quarter, so there was extra money in my pocket). I had to petition to get the grants back which I did and I now have a GPA grand total of 2.5 out of a 4.0. Not great but as long as I keep progressively doing better, then my GPA will go up. I have until March of 2024 to graduate with my degree in social work and my certification for SUDP which is drug and alcohol counseling. I am not sure if I want to transfer to a four year university after to then get my bachelor’s and then master’s because that honestly sounds like a LOT. and I don’t know if I can commit to another four years of school. It’s hard enough each quarter as it is and it will only get harder as time progresses. SO I am not rushing into anything there, taking things one step at a time.

I am needing to go to the doctor a lot in this new year. I need to see my pcp because my bipolar disorder has been all out of sorts. My sleep patterns are near narcoleptic. I can fall asleep anywhere and even with using my cpap machine, I am still exhausted. I also need to go to the GI doc, something I have been putting off since covid happened considering I need an endoscopy because in 2020 they suspected a Mallory Weiss tear to my esophagus. Then I need to go back to the orthopedic surgeon because I think my PTTD (postibular tendon dysfunction) is acting up. The bottom of my foot is swollen and is super painful on the bottom of the outer part of my foot from my toes to the heel of my foot. My arch is also inflamed and ouchy. I have a foot brace for this dysfunction so I will set up an appointment on Tuesday and wear that in the meantime. I might go to orthopedic urgent care on Tuesday to get x-rays to make sure nothing is broken because this was a sudden onset problem since Friday and is getting worse. Of course this is the same foot that’s been operated on 3+ times so I am thinking the worst that I will eventually need another surgery.

I was able to budget every week and month of 2022. Did I uphold the budget always? No. Did I accrue more debt? Yes. But did I overall pay off a lot of debt? Yes. Now that I have steady income I can save for this potential upcoming surgery and also to move out. I now have the know how to not gamble, pay off debt, and save, save, save. I want to start investing and putting toward retirement soon. I also want to build my credit. My credit is shit because I use my whole credit limit (just about 95% of it) even though I have 100% payment on time history and good standings with all my loans and cards. I will be using the debt snowball method to get rid of debt. So that entails paying the lowest amount credit card or loan first and putting whatever extra cash you can toward that debt as a snow ball, so to speak. Dave Ramsey is a perfect example for someone who has mastered this along with the debt avalanche, which attacks the debt with the highest interest rate first but there isn’t instant gratification in that. Once you pay off that first debt you put the minimum payment of the second debt plus the debt snow ball amount (first minimum payment plus any extra cash) so this amount will be larger and will attack the debt at a faster rate because more money is going toward a payment.

Work is going good. Pulling lots of overtime and it will be interesting to see what happens in the new year with it. I love my job but I am only here until I can properly get my degree and work as a drug and alcohol counselor for folks in addiction and recovery. But until then I am working a lot and making good overtime. Hoping for another raise this year but we shall see.

I think that’s it for life updates… however, the new year’s resolution list is still in the making so stay tuned.

much love,



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