Speaking Goals Into Existence

I was looking at my monthly calendar in my planner for the month of December and I decided I needed to make a change. About a week ago I tried to cancel my gym membership because I am currently paying a little under $25 bucks a month to not ever go. I got this membership in August and I think I have used it twice since then; once to work out for twenty minutes and the other to actually cancel the membership.

Due to the contract I signed, it would cost like $250 bucks to buy out of my contract and I don’t know who has that kind of money but I don’t… well not for that at least. So I told them I would keep the membership and keep paying and they told me I could cancel at the end of July of 2023 when my contract was up.

So I have this unused gym membership. With my membership, I can attend any class they have any time of the day or week as long as there is a spot open. My goal now is for the month of December go to three classes a week on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays. You must be thinking going from no physical activity to three days a week of intense classes sounds rough! And you’re right; I think that too! But if I force myself to sign up I will get dinged as a no show if I don’t go and I think they charge you for that so I don’t want to lose more money going to the gym so my incentive to get sexy is to sign up for lots of classes and go to them so I can well, get sexy. (And by sexy I mean not be in the shape of a potato anymore lol).

I think I decided to take an evening Zumba class on Monday night which is fun; I enjoy the music and I love to dance. I remember taking Zumba one other time and it kicked my butt. I think the other two classes on Wednesday and Friday focus on abs for one day and then butt, thighs, and belly for the other class. So those sound terrible and hard but I need to get back into shape and besides eating healthy which I have been doing better at, I really need to tone and slim down.

I don’t really have a goal weight to hit as in I am unsure how many pounds I want to drop. But I do have an ideal pants size I want to hit and that is a women’s US size 8. Today my pants size is a women’s US size 16. So I gotta drop four pants sizes. I would like to start this weight loss journey now-ish and be done by the time next Christmas rolls around. I am not sure how feasible it is but I am speaking it into existence!

What are some other goals for December 2022… I have about a week and a half left of school this year until January 3rd, 2023. So I want to put my undivided attention on that. I also would like to stick to the expected budget for the month of December. I don’t need anything and I bought everyone’s Christmas presents already. So hopefully next month will be another month of more savings and achieving my financial goals.

This isn’t an urgent thing but I do need to revamp and resign my bedroom. I bought a 50″ smart tv and a console table/bookshelf for the wall underneath my window so I gotta move stuff around to make it all work. Essentially I am cramming in an apartment’s worth of stuff in a tiny bedroom. It’s a lot and there is not a lot of room but I try to make everything as functional as I can given the circumstances.

Another goal of mine is to not give into temptation. I am a person of impulsivity and wonder and I often act on the impulsivities of my mind and heart when I really don’t have the means to. So I want to focus on hobbies of mine this month like blogging or art that take away the sudden urge for recklessness. Once my room is complete with all the new stuff, I think it will be easier to accomplish school and tasks and hobbies because it will be clean and tidy just how I like it.

That’s it for me… I figure if I start manifesting these positive goals for myself now that if even one of them come true in December or later on, then I am on a good path 🙂

much love,



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