As many of you know, in the U.S., we had thanksgiving yesterday. Usually I use the holiday to reflect on the things I am grateful for along with things I want to work on. One of the things I thought of was wanting to hit 5,000 views on my blog. Not only did we hit 5,000 views, but we also hit 350 total subscriber count in the same day.

Wow! I am so blessed. It was never about the follower count but to be so close to a definitive goal and to reach that amazes me. It makes me feel like my words that I type have a purpose and you all enjoy at least some of the content I post because you wouldn’t be subscribed otherwise.

Without further ado. I will display the stats that we have earned so far in the past almost three years.

Followers as of 11/25/2022: 350; 348 WordPress followers and 2 email followers.

Total posts as of this post: 602

Total Likes: 2,569

Total Comments: 271

Total Words Written: 516,522

Total Views: 13,719

Total Visitors: 5,002

It may not seem like a lot to some or it may seem like a battlefield to others. However, this is as organic as blogger fame can get! (Not to imply that I am anywhere near famous; I am just saying I didn’t buy my followers nor did I pay for these statistics. It’s as real as it gets.) And that’s all to say, if I can do it and get some traction. Anybody can.

As long as you are your authentic self, that’s all anyone can truly ask for. And those of you who have been with me since the beginning… ya’ll are the real ones because I am a wreck now but my golly I was as ratchet as a gal can get.

Thanks for being my rock, my sounding board, and my support system when I often times wasn’t alone, but isolated myself from the world around me.

I love youuuuuuuuu.



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