He moves in mysterious ways…

God is good and I feel like I have been going through it lately and during the bad times, it is hard for me or anyone to realize and appreciate the thoroughness and intricacies of God’s ways and His words.

Some of you know if you have been here with me from the beginning and maybe you haven’t so you might not know, I used to be a marine machinist mechanic for a local naval shipyard in 2018. It was my third job I had ever had and now I have had a gazillion employers in recent years. But the reason I have had so many jobs is because I have, I am not sure if the navy would call it a disability but I call it that because it has prevented me from staying at the shipyard, injury was caused on government grounds off the brow of a submarine. So it wasn’t naval property it was shipyard grounds.

Anyways I was fired at the end of 2019 because it took over a year to get my first foot surgery and I was unable to work or be given accommodations because I was a new employee so they sent me home and paid out my first 90 days at home and I never received a dime from them after that. I worked with the union within the shipyard to fight for me because losing my job, having a partial disability that was their fault and not getting any type of lost time or lost wages or back pay should be a crime. I never acquired a lawyer because I didn’t have the means to because I was out of work for so long.

Three foot, leg, and knee surgeries and almost five years go by since I was hired there and 4 years go by since I got hurt and I get a phone call yesterday. I was about to go to sleep so I let it go to voicemail I didn’t recognize the local number. I slept for a bit and it was none other than a union rep who took over for the old worker’s compensation (federal L and I) union worker. She said she took over that lady’s cases and she was looking at my case which was inactive apparently there was a lot of paperwork on file that she needed to give me.

The catch of it all was that she could reopen my claim and talk to me about options whether that be a settlement for lost wages and back pay and getting all my pain and suffering paid for or even getting me my job back.

Now a lot of you are saying, is this too good to be true? If you get this job what happens with school? Maybe nothing comes of this claim being reopened. My thoughts? No harm no foul. I lost nothing by trying. However, if they were to offer me a job, I would take it… great money, great benefits. I would have maxed out my Roth IRA in the first year I was there had I not gotten hurt. It may not be what I want, but it might be what I need.

I will call the union rep to return her phone call when I get off of work and see what happens. It’s the oddest thing, things really do happen and God does work in mysterious ways and in His timing. My goal is to have no expectations of this because I don’t want to be let down once again like I have in the past.

I have a couple more hours of work and I have the rest of today (Friday) off. I got to get my oil change right after work, I will go see Poncho, call the shipyard union around then, maybe when I am driving. I need to go to the bank. I got my cpap machine yesterday but I didn’t get a face mask with my machine so I can’t use it so I gotta go in to the cpap office to grab a mask. I need to go into my work office to submit some papers. I have to get vape coils for my mod because I forgot to when I got vape juice yesterday. I got to make my doctor’s appointment for my ultrasound follow up and a med follow up because ya’ll know your girl is going crazy over here. Gotta cancel my gym membership because I don’t use it.

See?? Lots of tedious shit. Not bad but I don’t wanna but I gotta so I will just do it all on my way home from work so I don’t have to backtrack throughout the county for all this crap. I am almost at the end of my quarter I completed one class and I am just waiting for my final to be graded and so far I have a 4.0 GPA in that class so that’s awesome. I am still trucking alone with math and psychology I have two or three more weeks? So I gotta really focus but I am feel unmotivated at work to do homework because of how tired I am. Hopefully the cpap will help with that but we shall see.

That’s it for me this morning. Much love to each of you!



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