Painfully close!

I have I think a little over two weeks until my quarter is ending at school. I am just trying to get all my ducks in a row. Even my clients know that I am more than ready for this quarter to be over with lol. They tell me, “Dani, you look tired… are you okay?” And the answer is relatively yes. Because there is an easily seeable end in sight.

It’s currently 5:31am and I am at work for roughly another hour and a half and and then I am off work until Wednesday night at 11pm. I need to redo my room over the next two days. I ordered a long bookshelf for my room because my tv is sitting on this makeshift set up that is bound to break or fall over at any given moment. I got a bonus this month so I decided to treat myself a little bit. I also ordered new sheets and a new comforter so I really need to get my butt into gear and get my room lined up for the new stuff so cleaning and selling things is gonna be how I spend the next two days.

I got a lot done on my last day off by staying up all night and all day which destroyed me this weekend I am still sleep deprived recovering from staying up for 24 hours straight continually. However, I think I am going to do that today. I still gotta call my old shipyard union but I can do that on my way home from work because they get in the office early. I went in to the cpap machine store to get a mask and they didn’t have the mask I needed so I am waiting on that coming in the mail. I did some of my abnormal psychology homework tonight so now I am caught up on that until next week. I am behind in math but he grades stuff whenever with no late turn in penalty so I am gonna wait to get chores done this weekend and then do homework.

For school next quarter I have to go in person to school from like 1-9pm each and every Wednesday and I normally work graves on Wednesdays so I told my supervisor that starting in January I will need Wednesdays off. I might be going to swing shifts for most of my days and only having one graveyard shift a week versus having four now. So that would be good but nothing is set in stone yet. My boss was super impressed that I was so on top of my stuff and I even wrote out a couple of options for potential schedules for me so she was pleased.

I just want to chill out and do nothing but I know this stuff has to get done and it is bad how gross my bathroom and bedroom have gotten over the past…while. Oh well as long as I do my stuff I should be fine.

The past couple of days have been pretty good on my mental health despite my exhaustion. So all in all, good days lay ahead 🙂

Much love,



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