I went on a date tonight

I had today, Friday, well I guess it is now Saturday so I had Friday off and so did this guy I am talking to. We went out to dinner and I paid because I got that hefty bonus at work and I felt bad because he is also struggling with some debt. Not as much as me, but I am assuming I make more money than him so it was the right thing to do, pay for dinner.

I figured out there was karaoke tonight, meaning Friday. So I went and my date had to drive a friend home from work. I got a standing ovation at karaoke because I did a theatrical piece (It’s oh so Quiet by Bjork). But I was a littleeeeeee drunk so I asked my date to pick me up and drive me home so I am without a car until I can pick it up tomorrow morning I am happy I didn’t drive intoxicated even though I didn’t feel that drunk; it’s better to be safe than sorry.

Overall I had a good day and I am excited about what the future holds with this guy and going to karaoke next Friday.

much love,



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