Why I have been gone

I think this should be day 12 of Blogtober and I haven’t posted in three or four days. I think I am going to end blogtober this year on this shitty note because it’s consuming so much of my time when I should be focusing on school and sleep and work. I know I was so set out to do this and so adiment about completing the challenge like I have in years prior but life be lifing right now and that’s just not in the cards.

Uhhh… why I have been gone. I had to go to ER on Monday because I was bleeding (wasn’t my period) and had very severe abdominal, pelvic, and kidney/flank/back pain. Of course why I went, I followed orders from not one, but two different urgent cares to go to ER because they couldn’t do the proper tests. But what I didn’t know is that this hospital’s computer systems were down and I waited six hours to get the results of a blood test and urine test. When I was finally seen by a doctor, she said I needed a pelvic ultrasound but it would be quicker to get one outpatient than through the ER and I would have to wait in the waiting room. So I said “discharge me” and got the IV out of my arm and that was that.

Now mind you, at that point I was awake for over 24 hours because I did a 12 hour shift the day before and went to the hospital right after work. I drove home and slept all night and all afternoon.

It is now Wednesday and I work tonight at 11pm. I am definitely bringing my heater blanket to help with the back spasms. I haven’t been out of pain since Sunday night. It was bad enough for my clients to notice that I didn’t look well at all. But the obvious stuff was ruled out like pregnancy and STI’s so that’s good at least.

Tomorrow, Thursday, I have an eye appointment at 8:30am and then right after that I have my primary care appointment to follow up from the ER. I am supposed to get a pelvic ultrasound but I am not sure what else my doctor will order. Plus I need a medication follow up anyways so that will be good … hopefully.

I am somewhat behind in school but all I can do now is pick up the pieces and move forward. I want to just fail but failure is not an option. I gotta get on this homework or else I won’t pass this quarter and all this time and money and effort would have been wasted. Which no one wants.

I’m gonna wrap this one up and until next time, friends.

much love,


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