Blogtober Day 9: Autumn Goals

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As fall has arrived, I decided that I needed some autumn season goals or more so, a list of things I want to do or accomplish, or at the very least BEGIN.

Fall also means sad girl season so I will try not to set too many goals because the likelihood of me setting too many goals, becoming overwhelmed, and not doing any of them is very high.

So here goes nothing:

  1. Read one book for fun between now and December 31st
  2. Work on planning out content for the Precarious Aquarius for 2023
  3. Take time to be sad. Let me rephrase that. Let me take time to feel my feelings properly without shoving them in a bottle and blowing up later.
  4. Work out once a week between now and the new year
  5. Continue to blog every day of October and maybe have 10+ posts a month for November and December
  6. DO well in school this quarter
  7. Do one fall activity like go pick apples, or go to a corn maze

That’s all I can think of at the moment but hopefully I am successful in my endeavors.

much love,


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