Blogtober is coming!

October is usually a fun month here at Precarious Aquarius solely because I will write at least once a day, every day during the month of October hence the Blogtober title. I am apart of a Facebook blog group that posted the topics for this year’s blogtober festivities. I will attach the topics tomorrow on Day 1 of blogtober but I just wanted to give you all a heads up that Dani is back at Precarious Aquarius and she will be writing in full swing starting tomorrow! (And hopefully she will quit writing in third person, but she makes no promises).

In other news, I am working a double and it is now 6:04am so I am almost halfway done. Once pass down is complete at this house, I gotta drive 15 minutes down the road to the other house I help out at and I am not sure how it will go. I am not sure if my clients have any appointments today and if so that would be bad because I legally cannot drive my clients in my car because a) my wreck from last year and b) my insurance rate isn’t high enough. So if they got shit to do today, it ain’t happening. These clients really like me, but they don’t like change and the fact that their head of household called out might bring out some “problematic” behaviors. But then again, the girls both really like me so I have that going for me…

Today is one week without gambling. Granted, I had no money to gamble with but if I really wanted to go, I could have found a way and I DIDN’T do that so go me. In other news, I got my grants back for school so I am just ever so patiently waiting for my refund but I should be getting close to four grand back but my refund is fifteen hundred less than that amount, so I am worried they are charging me twice for tuition so I gotta go into the school and get that straightened out but not today because I work too late in the day. But 1500 bucks is a lot of money to be “missing out” on so I pray I can get that too in order to pay my dad back for using his credit card for my tuition.

I think that’s it as far as news goes.

Much love and see y’all tomorrow.


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