In no time at all…

I think I blogged last at the end of August and now it is the middle of September! I wish I had an excuse as to why I haven’t blogged, but I have none. I have been writing sporadically this past month but nothing worth sharing as it is mostly shushed mumblings of sleepy thoughts and weary dreams.

I am in Portland with my mom for two days to visit family and to go shopping in Woodburn, which is south of Portland and it is where all the discount factory outlet stores are for Nike, Columbia, North Face, Ann Taylor, Ralph Lauren, etc. I need new gym shoes and I can always use more Columbia jackets and vests. Plus I need new office clothes. Why you may ask?

Well I am so happy you did ask! Your girl got in addition to her full time job as a caregiver, I got a part time job at the college in the workforce and economic development section as an admin assistant. I had my interview last week and I was hired at the end of the interview. I guess the program is to help fund the education of those trying to go into the workforce who don’t have the means to afford school and groceries and gas themselves. She said they go root for the underdog and one of the interview questions was what I brought to the table and I mentioned my relatability to other students since I have had a career before going to school and chose to go back to school as an adult and I am young so that can come across in a positive way. I mentioned that if more people knew about this program, more people would be lining out the doors so I mentioned advertising and marketing is super important because nobody knows this program exists.

The lady interviewing me looked at me in an endearing way like I have had some rough experiences and I deserve a chance to succeed. So pending a background check and some other preliminary things, I will start I believe Tuesday the 27th of this month and get paid twice a month in addition to my full time income.

With that being said, I looked at a house to rent that is a one bed one bath. In all honesty, it’s a shit hole. The floors are caved in and are extremely uneven due to foundation issues. But my first and only rental home had that same issue. And the heating and cooling is terrible. Well, it is the same property management company so go figure. But it’s perfect for me! It has a little sunroom and has everything I need. Diego and my mom thought it was cute and it is right by Diego’s house if something goes wrong. So I submitted my application tonight while I was at work and we shall see what happens.

The car is a no go (obviously) can’t have a new car payment and move out at the same time. I would much rather have this house than anything else. I also applied to an apartment and it is all updated and nice but it is in a terrible neighborhood so I would prefer the house and it would be all my own.

I can’t think of anything else that is new. My mental health is so so. I am neither manic nor depressed. I took some time off last week, I had five days off because I sprained my knee and ankle in a fall but really I needed some days off of work. Not for anything in particular but for my mental health and it was much needed.

Today my mom and I went to the Coach outlet store on the way down from Seattle and I got a purse and wallet for $150 and it is sooooo cute. The purse is off white while the wallet is mustard yellow and I am excited I splurged on it. We shall see what tomorrow brings when I head to Woodburn for more shopping.

Much love,


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