Semi Productive Day

I got off work around 7am today and picked up my medication from the pharmacy. I’ve been in dire need of my heart burn medication and it was finally filled so I am not feeling like I am drowning. I talked to my mom for a bit after work and then decided to paint my nails. Now. mind you, I never do this. I don’t know what came over me but I painted my nails like an army green color which I am vibing with. After doing my nails, I called the sleep apnea cpap machine company because my sleep is wack and I need to figure out a system that I won’t get blisters on my face and can actually sleep productively throughout the day or whenever I sleep (ya know, because graveyard).

I called to cpap place and they said I needed a new prescription from my doctor for my cpap machine because mine was expired. So I called my doctor and I am hoping they send out that script before end of day Friday so I can get my cpap fitting scheduled. I got my haircut yesterday which was good I got a 1.5 in the back so its all shaven and clean cut looking, My dad told me he got a 1.5 clipper cut on his hair too and he got really excited about that. I got the chance to shoot the shit with my dad this evening as we watched the rerun of the show Deadliest Catch. I feel like I have a lot on my plate that needs to get done, but today was a sleep and relax day.

I am in the last two weeks of classes this summer quarter and I got to get my shit together to pass the class. One class I have a nearly 4.0 in, one around a 2.0, and the third it’s not happening no chance in Hell of passing but that class is geology. I just didn’t start strong and my minimal efforts were not enough but going back to school is hard. So I am going to focus my efforts on my other two classes and I will face the repercussions of not passing my third class. I really need to work on Intro to Drugs and Alcohol because I don’t really take that class seriously. My goal is to raise my grade to a 2.5 at the very least at quarter end.

In my defense, summer quarter is tricky because it’s three weeks shorter than other classes so the course work is condensed significantly. I am not sure what will happen if I don’t pass my class especially with my grant money so that’s stressful.

Back to the books tonight at work. Trying to get my shit together.

Much love to you all,


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