Kiss me more

I met a guy. I like him a lot. He makes my heart sing for the first time in a long time. It’s still new, very new, but we have been talking non stop for the past now three days. My heart wants to wrap around my walls because I am fearful it is too good to be true. He seems to really care about me and we have the same goals, but he told me when he kissed me that he wants that to be our last first kiss. He is very kind, definitely has a golden heart. I hope he’s my last first kiss too…

He wants to get married, he’s 23, works as a shipwright, has his own rental house, a dog, doesn’t want kids, he’s 6’2″, kinda nerdy, wants a basset hound (very important if you know my love for dogs, specifically bassets), loves the show It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia like I do, he’s also an Aquarius, ya’ll!!! Not that I have ever cared about horoscopes but fast and furious fits the title of this romance and he just is a 20 on a lucky lady side bet when the dealer has 17. Ya’ll know my love for cards and if you know anything about Blackjack side bets, Lucky Lady is the best of them all. So winning the main bet and the side bet makes you hella bank and with this man, I feel like I’ve won lucky ladies queen of heart on a dealer’s blackjack! (I.e. highest payout).

Tonight he had me over to the house he was house sitting at and we hung out and cuddled and talked for hours. He asked me to be his girlfriend and I said yes. Now I am smiling like a fool in my bed at 4am thinking about him. I wish I was with him right now and I am sitting in the lair. I feel so fortunate it’s been a long time since someone has treated me so well. I just want to give him the world because he makes me so happy. When it’s right, it just is right.

I’ll go back to daydreaming.


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