oh the places you’ll gooooooo…

I think things are starting to really look up for me. Yes I still have covid. Yes, that still sucks but I probably won’t die from it. So that’s good. I mean for the Lord’s sake they put me on EIGHT anti viral pills a day, two steroid pills a day, one steroid inhaler to be used often, in addition to cough pills and anti nausea. So far, I feel semi normal today and I am almost done with horse tranquilizers (the huge anti virals). I am still kinda froggy and nasally but maybe this might help my singing career? I sound like a flatter version of Amy Winehouse so take that and my singing career with a grain of salt.

I got paid today, I was supposed to get direct deposit except that didn’t happen so I had Diego pick up my check in the morning at work and then I got it from him so I didn’t have to give everyone in the office covid. But Diego already had covid so I wasn’t as worried about giving it to him since he just passed my check through his car window anyways. With all the overtime and everything for the month of June, I made just under $3500 after taxes so my gross pay was well over four thousand. Not to mention getting two grand worth of grant money so a lot of that went to bills. But I paid Diego back what I owed him and I paid my mom close to a grand in what I owed her so now I am debt free from my mom. I still owe my dad about $2700 for my DUI charges and fees, but he said I am on the right path and he’s already paid everything to date so it’s not like he needs the money right away.

I paid my car and my personal loan at the bank and put my mom’s money in her savings account. I have some little bills here and there but I think I am doing pretty a-okay as long as I don’t do something stupid. But it kind of dawned on me that I make enough now where I could feasibly live on my own and pay bills and be entirely independent. So what did I do tonight? Your girl applied to her very first apartment after some diligent research on the properties in the area.

It was kind of a surreal thing for me because I have never lived on my own before and I really enjoy the thought of it. Ya know, not living with Diego but truly making a home my own without the influence of a guy or another female roommate. The place I applied to is in a nice neighborhood between Diego’s house and my parent’s house so not too far away in case trouble arose, but it would be a one bed/one bath all to my own. No washer and dryer in unit which sucks, but you can’t have everything in your first home.

I am not planning on getting this apartment, as in, there are no expectations. I said I could move in September 1st which honestly is a giant guess because the website wasn’t super clear on the requirements except my income having to be equal or greater to 2.85 times the cost of rent. So rent at $1,350.00/month x 2.85 = 3,847.50. So my gross wage meets that, but my take home does not. However they did not specify which income they were discussing so I put down where I made the most which is my over 4k in gross.

So I am trying not to get too excited because what If they don’t have something available by then, which is a total possibility? I don’t see why they would accept applications if they didn’t have spaces available but then again. I am not really sure.

But in other news, school is going well. Got an 80% in my drug and alcohol test that I was ill prepared for (literally due to me having covid all week) and got an 80-something on my sociology test with a 100% on the homework. I have some more time to work on geology so that’s the goal for tomorrow. I need to clean tonight because the lair is a tissue and trash covered pig stye (from being sick). Tomorrow will be a school day and then hopefully I can return to work Wednesday or Thursday.

My training was rescheduled for next week because it was originally supposed to be next week and not this week so I am not missing much. But I definitely need to pick up shifts this week in order if I am actually going to move out because now that I think about it, I have a lot of furniture but not everything and that shit gets expensive quickly.

My mental health is doing good, definitely needed some time away from work to start this quarter off right at school and despite me winging it, my grades are halfway decent and I think I am going to do just fine. I do finally have a med and bloodwork follow up tomorrow afternoon at 2pm over the phone that way I can figure out what my deal is. I feel good now but that can quickly change when I go back to work and the pressure starts to rebuild again. I am hoping my bloodwork is good enough but I know she will say I am still overweight and need to try harder to cut down on sugar. Speaking of, I was going to do an online grocery order to pick up tomorrow with fruits and veggies because I have been jonesing for some healthy food.

Well I better get on that grocery order before I forget… again.

much love,


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