Day recap

I went over to Diego’s yesterday evening and spent the night over there with Diego and our doggo, Poncho. We got some Taco Bell, smoked some, and watched tv. Poncho slept with me and looked so cute, rolled up like the little cinnamon roll boi that he is! We took him to the park this morning and he just ran around even though we tried to throw him the ball and have him chase it and return it. But that of course didn’t happen.

I am home now and it is now 6pm. I work at 11pm, but I think I’m starting to get sick. Diego just got over covid and I went over there but my dad is also super sick and I was with him all weekend so I am not sure if I have covid or not but hoping it’s just a bug. I have a bad cough and a sore throat so of course I can’t really call out because no one could cover me doing graveyard.

I start school tomorrow and I really need to start reading now to get on top of my textbook studying schedule. But then again, I’ll have all night long to read, so I shouldn’t get too far behind. I should sleep now so I will be well rested enough for tonight. My classes all open around midnight so I have time to get settled at work and then get right into it.

After having a few days off work, I really don’t want to go back but I don’t have the existential dread about this job that I have had about other jobs I have had. I really do enjoy the work that I do even on days when I feel like I don’t make a difference.

My mental health is better today than it has been in a hot minute. I think I finally slept well because I did sleep at Diego’s even though he abandoned me and poncho because we took up all of the bed. I am debating going back over there before work because I know fireworks are gonna go off soon and it will be hard to get out of my neighborhood when that happens.

If you know me, I hate holidays and 4th of July is no different. Brings out my ptsd, but today has been good overall. Keep taking my meds and things have been great. I don’t really know why I started writing this because I literally have nothing to say but I think it’s good to get your thoughts on paper (or on computer, in this case) so here it is.

much love to you all on this day and everyday!


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