It’s getting worse

Pain is an interesting thing considering how relative one pain is to another person. I am starting to worry that I have kidney stones and if that is the case, I am in for some real pain. My pain has progressively gotten worse the past two days. I left early the last two days of work and last night I almost went to ER for my kidney, flank, abdominal pain, and pelvic pain. It’s interesting because my urine culture looked good when I went to the urologist and he ordered a CT scan for my pain, but it’s hard for me to walk or move I am in so much pain.

I called the on call urologist through my doctor’s office and they told me to go to ER immediately. But I fear getting this ginormous bill and not being able to pay it and them better yet, not finding anything wrong in order to deal with my pain or accuse me of drug seeking.

So I have been using home remedies such as Xanax, Tylenol. and copious amounts of cannabis to at least help me sleep til I can go to the doctor on Monday. Chances are good that when I call on Monday, they will still send me to ER but hopefully I can just get a stat CT scan and figure out why I am in so much pain.

Besides that, I have been in a relatively good mood. Not trying to get too depressed over something that is out of my control. I slept all day today and now it’s 8:29pm and I am wide awake so another dose of cannabis might be in order as I wrap myself in my heater blanket to help with the flank pain.

I might take a hot shower to relieve some pressure and loosen up my tense muscles. But the thought of standing there for a few minutes sounds unbearable. I am kind of stuck in limbo trying to debate at one point this debilitating pain is enough or not.

Well on that depressing note, I will sign off for now.

I’ll keep you all in the loop.

much love,


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  1. socialworkerangela says:

    Sending healing thoughts

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