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I read a quote somewhere stating that we are all meant to be where we are in this particular moment for some reason. It had me thinking about where I am at currently and where I want to be.

I have been very bitchy today and on edge because of my job. There are so many tasks to complete yet I never find time nor the will power to finish them all. I had to put away a 3 x 2 x 1 foot box, I kid you not, full of reading glasses and the displays were all wrong so I had to put the glasses that were not in its proper home into their real home and I kept getting called to cashier or get money for tills or answer customer questions. It never ends. My boss wanted me to finish my online trainings today which would have taken four hours and do the glasses display so I did no trainings and did about half of that giant box full of glasses.

I am not personally stressed about this but everyone else is stressed about it which puts pressure on me to do my job, but do it well otherwise it’s not worth doing at all. I don’t think I want to be at the pharmacy super long term. I make good money but unless I get promoted, the stress and work ain’t worth it. But then again where else am I gonna work that will pay me this well without the stress or drama that other jobs have? No where. Well, no where without more schooling.

I have kind of determined that I want to help people in my career path so I am trying to think of a job where I can get the most money for the least amount of school. I keep thinking of going to the local community college to be a LPN because it is four quarters straight, one year of classes and then you can make pretty good money. But is that what’s gonna make me happy in life, I am not sure. My other thought is getting a job part time to help get out of debt. It would be hard for a while but it would be worth it considering I could just put my $2500 take home pay and put it toward debt and use the other paycheck as spending money

Speaking of money, I misplaced my debit card and had to go to the shop to see if my card was in my car but it was not. I need to clean and do laundry, but I am so exhausted. I should really cancel my card before it gets stolen but I am 90% sure I have it in my possession. I have to work starting at 6:45am tomorrow and the next day, but hey I have the weekend off and should get my car that is in the shop back by Friday evening. Not that I have anything to do this weekend but it would be nice to have the option to do something.

That’s it for me. Nothing new besides me being scatterbrained bipolar, but that isn’t new either.

much love,


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